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Will a Diamond Engagement Ring Blend?

Battle for the Ages: Blender vs. Diamond

Do Not Attempt This at Home!

This experiment was performed by trained professionals in a highly controlled environment that was specially created for the specific hazards that were associated with this experiment.

For your safety and the safety of others, please do not attempt to reproduce this experiment in any capacity.

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Diamonds have long been known and renowned for their beauty. In more recent times many industrial tool manufactures across a wide variety of disciplines ranging from medicinal to construction, have also have taken an interest in the diamond as the diamond possess an unparalleled hardness, helping to make their tools almost indestructible.

So in a match up between a diamond and a blender which contender would come out on top? Let's meet the contenders. In the red corner, a diamond which has been mined, cut and polished after withstanding millions of years of astronomical heat and tremendous pressure. In the blue corner, a commercial grade blender which was manufactured solely for the purpose of doing one thing, which is to pulverize anything it encounters.

This question has been presented and the masses are divided. While diamonds may be the hardest substance known to man, a blender's job is to do one thing and that's blend the heck out of whatever is placed in its path. While only this video will tell, this is definitely a match up of epic proportions and one to be added to the Instant Classics in a new era of competition.