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Our Privacy Policy

At Abazias, we are 100% committed to your privacy and the security of the information you provide to us during your visit to our site. We encourage you to review our policies below to ensure your privacy and comfort while visiting and ordering at our web site.

If you believe that is in breach of our privacy policy, please contact us via email at or call us at 1.800.603.9940.

Collecting personal information

During the checkout and diamond request processes, we collect personal information required for us to fulfill your request or order. All information collected by is kept confidential. Your email address or contact information will never be sold to another company or used for unsolicited (SPAM) email.

The use of cookies

At, we use cookies to simplify your shopping experience. A cookie is a small amount of information that is sent to your web browser from our web server. It allows us to remember information such as your requested items or items that you have added to your shopping basket. If you are not comfortable with enabling cookies in your browser preferences, please call us to request more information on items you are interested or to buy any items listed on our web site. No personal or confidential information is ever stored in a cookie stored from

Tracking visitors utilizes methods to track visitors to our site. Statistics that we track include what web site directed you to us, what browser type you use, and what time and date you visited us. These statistics are used to help us better serve our customers in the future.

Security measures is committed to ensuring a safe ordering process to protect you from identity theft and illegal purchases. Whenever you are asked to input sensitive information such as your contact information or credit card number, we use SSL encryption to ensure that your data is protected. While visiting an SSL encrypted web page, a lock icon will appear at the bottom of your browser. You can click on this lock icon to learn more about our site and the measures that we are taking to ensure your privacy. To learn more about SSL encryption, please click here.

Fraud protection

During our checkout process, we employ several methods to protect you against online fraud and identity theft. First, we use the latest Address Verification System (AVS) to ensure that the address entered during checkout is the same as the address you have listed with your bank. We also employ the use of CVV2 code verification (your credit card identification code) to ensure that the credit card used is present during the time of purchase. Additional information may be required after your order has been placed to complete the processing. Most importantly, however, is that we always contact and discuss the order with you before we capture any funds. We will never capture any funds during our online order process. We only authorize the card for available funds at the time of order. We will never charge your credit card or ship an order without discussing it with you first.

Use of Third-Party Web Beacons and/or cookies

At Abazias, we utilize third-party web beacons from to help determine how visitors are using our site. Yahoo may also use anonymous information, as we do, to improve its products and services. If you would like more information or would like to opt out this feature, click here.

These Privacy Principles apply to individuals, and we reserve the right to change them, along with related provisions at any time.

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We are committed to providing the most advanced online security features and support the Verified by Visa™ and MasterCard© SecureCode™ security services. Click on the logos to learn more.