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Engagement Rings

Abazias carries a variety of popular engagement ring settings; ranging from classic four-prong solitaire engagement rings, to more intricate side stone engagement rings garnished with pave-set diamonds, colored gemstones, engraving, and more. In addition, we feature a gorgeous selection of pre-set engagement rings for those looking to purchase a finished ring.

Discount Diamond Engagement Rings, Bridal Jewelry & Wedding Bands

We have available an outstanding collection of bridal jewelry including every desired engagement ring setting ranging from the classic four-prong solitaire engagement ring to more elaborate side stone engagement rings garnished with pave-set diamonds, engraving, and more. We also feature a selection of pre set engagement rings for those looking to purchase a finished engagement ring that includes a center stone. If you don't see exactly the engagement ring that you're looking for, please contact us with a few pictures and/or a brief description of your ideal engagement ring, and we will assist you promptly. Should the engagement ring setting you desire not be available in our library of catalogs, it can be custom made to tailor to your exact specifications. And once you find the perfect ring, you can design your own engagement ring using our new 3D Builder!

Engagement rings and choosing the right engagement ring are some of the first, and most important of decisions that a couple will make.  When you put yourself in the hands of Abazias, you are choosing the engagement ring and bridal jewelry specialists.  We have one of the largest catalogs of diamond engagement rings on the internet, and we want to put that choice and our expertise to work for you.  Abazias has a long history of engagement ring craftsmanship, selection and affordability that is second to none. 

Engagement rings themselves have a long and fascinating history.  In 1215, Pope Innocent III presided over the Fourth Lateran Council, in which the engagement period was made official.  It would be another 250 years, in 1477, when the first recognized diamond engagement ring made its appearance when Maximilian I presented his future wife, Mary of Burgundy, an engagement present of a diamond ring.  With the discovery of diamond mines in the late 18th and 19th centuries in Brazil and South Africa, diamonds became far more affordable, thus bringing the diamond to the fore as the premier choice of gems for engagement rings and other wedding jewelry, up to the present day.

Abazias is here to help you to add to the long and rich history of engagement rings, with your own unique engagement of love and affection.  We also carry a wide variety of wedding bands, including unique and classic styles for both the bride and the groom. With our enormous selection of over 200,000 loose diamonds to choose from, we know that we can help you to find your heart’s desire.  We also carry one of the internet’s widest selections of the finest in discount engagement rings, including titanium jewelry and wedding bands in such metals as gold, white gold, and platinum, so that you are able to create the work of art that will bless the finger of your love’s hand.  As the ancients believed that the ring finger of the left hand contained the “vein of love” or the "vena amoris", we at Abazias believe that when it comes to bridal jewelry and engagement rings, nothing but the finest will suit for the finger of the love of your life - that's why we offer the best in bridal jewelry. Contact us today and allow us to help you to discover engagement rings that will be ideal for you.

No matter your needs, finding the perfect engagement ring is easy at Abazias. Search some of our settings online or call us at 1-800-603-9940 to have one of our engagement ring specialists assist you.