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Belt Buckles That Bling in More than One Way

Diamond jewelry is always being expanded. The solitaire diamond ring is the classic diamond accessory, but that doesn't mean that the jewelry industry isn't always updating its look. Along with layered rings and bracelets, 2007 is going to be the year of the Bling Buckle.

It's been noted that hip hop artists are sporting belt buckles with LED scrolling text or signature letters lined all in diamonds. It's even referred to as the "iced out belt buckle." This follows a long line of diamond jewelry innovations stemming from the hip hop culture that has long sought the bling factor in necklaces to diamond-studded teeth.

This newest fashion trend allows the person to customize their message or initials into their belt buckle. The LED screen can have up to eight different messages programmed into it. It can either scroll or blink, adding still more bling to the message that can be lined in diamonds. The buyer can have the letters of their choice put on the custom signature belt buckle or they can put their names on them. It is very popular with hip hop artists and is sure to spread to their fans as well. If you ever lost one of these custom nameplate belts, it be almost certain you'd get it back as it would be tough to explain your name on someone else's belt buckle. So, it would seem to be a great way to secure your diamond jewelry at the same time you are customizing it.

Contributing Abazias Diamonds Staff Writer

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