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Diamond Settings

At times, people would like to reset their diamonds into new diamond settings. Women who divorce may decide to change the diamond in their engagement ring into a pendant, a new ring, or other types of diamond settings. But, how do you know whether the person you are taking it to is going to return your same diamond intact? When resetting a diamond, one has to take certain precautions to ensure against loss or theft when it is no longer in your possession.

Good jewelers come with good references, but that doesn't mean one can't ask questions either. Be sure to question the jeweler you are asking to change any of your diamond settings whether they are insured against loss or theft should your diamond be lost or stolen. Another thing to find out is if the diamond will travel to another location to be reset or who else might have access to your diamond during the resetting.

Price is something that every buyer wants to know up front, but equally important is how long the diamond will be in the jeweler's shop. Generally, the less time the diamond is away from the jeweler the less time there is for accidents or theft to happen. Don't be afraid to ask the jeweler how many other diamonds they have reset and to see some examples of diamond settings that show the quality of their work. Most jewelers will be happy to demonstrate to you the quality and workmanship of their shop.

To keep things very clear, do not reset a diamond that has not been appraised first. By getting a report on the quality of your stone and all its properties, there will be less doubt that the stone you receive back is not the one you gave to the jeweler to reset. Let the jeweler know an independent third party has appraised the ring, and that it will be appraised after the resetting as well. In fact, many jewelers now demand that you do this to keep them from being liable should you suspect that some damage or loss has occurred with your diamond.

Contributing Abazias Diamonds Staff Writer

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