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Square Stones For Engagement Rings

Once you begin looking for engagement rings you may find yourself blown away by the selection of diamond cuts that are available as center stones. Although round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular selection for engagement ring, square cut diamonds are becoming equally as popular.

The princess cut engagement rings are the most popular square cut stone for engagement rings. This diamond cut has been improved upon tremendously and can even be found today as an “Ideal Cut”. Next to the princes cut engagement rings are another popular square cut stone, Emerald engagement rings. Emerald engagement rings are in a class all by their own since the emerald cut diamond generally has 25 large facets wheras any other brilliant cut diamond like the round brilliant or princess cut diamond has 58 facets. If you like the shape of the emerald cut diamond, but want a stone more sparkling, then the next square cut you could go for in engagement rings is the radiant cut diamond. The radiant cut diamond is a brilliant diamond, commonly referred to as the “candlelight diamond” and has a very similar shape to the Emerald cut diamond.

Engagement rings featuring square stones are an excellent choice either by themselves or as a multi stone ring. Many engagement rings seen today that feature square cut diamonds are also in settings that have colored gemstones. If you are interested in finding the largest selection of square cut diamond engagement rings either as preset engagement rings or as those that you can create yourself, you will find the largest selection online. Online diamond jewelers have “cornered” the market in offering the absolute best in diamond engagement rings that feature Princess cut diamonds, Emerald cut diamonds, and Radiant cut diamonds too.

Contributing Abazias Diamonds Staff Writer

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