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You Don’t Have To Fake It To Be Cheap

Let’s face it; we all want to look the part of the wealthy socialite. We want to put out an image that says “rich” not cheap. However, not all of us have the money to indulge our wealthy alter egos and yet, when it comes to diamonds, you don’t have to go fake to buy cheap diamond engagement rings. In fact, many people think buying a fake diamond ring is bad luck when it comes to marriage.

If you are tight on the ring budget, you can try a few different strategies to locate cheap engagement rings for you to buy. You can buy diamonds that fluoresce; you can opt for yellow diamonds, or an in imperfect diamond. If you want a very large diamond, but don’t have the money, then the quality of the diamond you buy will of necessity be less than a smaller, whiter, more perfect stone.


This is the quality of some diamonds to fluoresce blue under ultraviolet light. This can give the diamond an appearance of a higher quality sparkler. Fluorescence is usually listed on the grading report. These diamonds are typically 20% less than the cost of a diamond that does not fluoresce. They can appear a little yellow or cloudy under normal light. Some people like diamond rings that fluoresce because many modern lighting environments use ultraviolet light. Thus, you can get some great cheap engagement rings, if you look for diamonds that fluoresce.


Fancy colored diamonds cost more than white diamonds, in many cases. Light yellow diamonds are one of the exceptions. If it is a bright yellow diamond then it is worth more and it is called a canary diamond. However, the light yellow diamonds are not as valued or as sought after as the white diamonds or other fancy colors.


The imperfect diamonds are listed in the grading report as such:

I1 – Imperfect with inclusions or flaws that are visible to the naked eye.

I2 – Imperfection that can make at least one-fourth of the diamond look cloudy or dull.

I3 – This is the worst type of diamond out there. It has lots of imperfections visible to the naked eye, is dull, and cloudy.

While you will save money, odds are that you want your diamond to have a little more sparkle and life than the categories above. So, stick with the following categories to save you money in your search for cheap engagement rings:

SI1 –This is a slightly included diamond whose imperfections can’t be seen with the naked eye. You need 10X magnification to see the tiny grain-like imperfections.

SI2 –This is the same as SI1 except that some of the imperfections are visible to the naked eye. They still may be tiny imperfections that resemble salt grains, but some are invisible to the naked eye and some aren’t.

If you want a cheap diamond engagement ring that looks good, then stick with the SI1 and SI2 classifications. The other diamond classifications are less expensive but can look cheap too. If your aim is to be cheap, but not to look cheap than you want to get a borderline diamond between SI2 and I1 that fluoresces to hide some of the imperfections.

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