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Cushion Diamonds – Knowing The Right Information

The right ratios are important when you purchase a cushion diamond engagement rings. Cushion cut diamonds have specific measurements that make the cushion cut diamond achieve its maximum beauty. For the right ratios and maximum beauty, purchase a cushion diamond engagement rings by buying the best quality diamond available in the cushion cut by having the right information about the cushion cut diamond.

Cushion cut diamonds are very similar to the shape of the emerald cut diamond. Whereas the emerald cut diamond is cut to draw the eye into the stone, the cushion diamond is cut to have sparkle and light reflecting qualities that comes with brilliantly cut stones. The right ratio purchase a cushion cut diamond is 1.2:1. Ratios in diamond cut refer to the length and width of the stone. Other important factors to consider considering to purchase a cushion diamond is the 4 C's, cut color, clarity, and carat. A diamond jeweler should be able to thoroughly explain each one of the 4 C's as well as every other important aspect of a particular cushion cut diamond about to be purchased. To purchase cushion diamond engagement ring that is certified allows for a certificate to maintain in the owners custody that clearly details the diamonds specifics that includes the 4 C's of cushion cut diamond and ratios.

Purchase cushion cut diamond engagement ring at and find certified loose diamonds in all diamond cuts including the unique cushion cut. Easily compare prices of different carat weights of the cushion cut diamond. diamond specialist can easily go through-h each cushion cut diamond of interest with any prospective buyer by calling toll free 1-800-603-9940 or by emailing At, purchase cushion diamond engagement rings with ease and confidence that comes with purchasing a diamond engagement ring from one of the leading online diamond companies.

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