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    Mar 31

    675869_officeFashion is for every one, especially for those people going on an interview. While the style is more conservative, close attention to how you present your body image can make or break your chances of getting a job. Men, as well as women, sometimes make classic mistakes that are easily avoided. One of the biggest dilemmas is whether to wear jewelry or not to an interview, and even for men wearing jewelry, the answer is yes. The problem comes in when choosing the type of jewelry when heading to that very important meeting. Pick the wrong style, the wrong placement, or something utterly distracting to the interviewer, and they’ll be thinking more about that gaudy tie clip more than your wonderful business qualifications.

    What Men Wear

    Elegant and business-like tie clips or cuff links are always a good way to class it up. Rings that are not too showy are always a good men’s accessory. What you’re trying to do is accentuate your professionalism, not your fashion taste. Thus, you want something that complements your tie or your business suit. It should never be so personally revealing that it brings up doubts in an interviewer’s mind. You don’t want to pick designs with motifs like horoscopes, pets, or even Disney. You want it to be simple, understated, and elegant. The more undefined in theme, the better. You don’t want the interviewer reading things into it, instead it should act as a simple punctuation point for your business dress. In the same way you want to avoid noisy print shirts and loud colored shirts, your jewelry should also take a more neutral approach.

    While it’s quite acceptable in society for a man to wear a stud earring, it’s not going to work in your favor during an interview. Yes, you may be hip and trendy, or even metrosexual, but it’s wiser not to show that aspect of your personality until you have the job. The only time that works is when the company you’re interviewing with requires people who are in on the latest fashion trends.

    What Women Wear

    Women have far more options, which is why they can make far more mistakes picking jewelry for an interview. The same advice to remain neutral, classic, and elegant goes for women. Hoop earrings and other “after hours” jewelry just makes you look unprofessional, not pretty. Bracelets are better avoided. For one, they’re very distracting if you sit down across from the interviewer and it clangs against the meeting table. Rings are suitable, as long as there aren’t too many of them. The same is true of necklaces and earrings. You may have studs going all around your ear, but the time to show those off is not during the interview. Keep your jewelry choices simple and to a minimum of one piece per placement.

    One of the nicest ways to show off a professional demeanor with a conventional business suit is to place a pin carefully on the lapel. It draws the eyes up towards the neckline and gives your face more attention. It should have no motif that means anything to anyone, and just be a classic design. Again, you don’t want to give the interviewer time to think about why you wore that cross pin or if the multi-colored gemstones in your Mother’s ring is indicative of four different kids you have in your household. Instead of thinking about your business qualifications, it’ll draw them into stereotypes that are best left outside the office door. If you don’t want to use a pin, try a set of pearls for the same effect.

    Avoid noisy jewelry pieces. Rings that dangle are cute, until they start to be distracting. Bracelets can clang and interrupt the conversation. Even to many necklaces can draw attention to the breasts, instead of to your face, where it belongs. Always consider that the jewelry you are wearing is to help highlight your professionalism, not your body type.

    Other Considerations for Both Sexes

    Both sexes can wear fashion watches that are professional in appearance. They highlight your desire for punctuality and accuracy. It’s best for them to be thin and discrete, and you don’t want them banging into things and making noise during the interview. Just like you want your clothing to fit exactly right, you want your jewelry to look like it was custom-fit to your frame and outfit. Anything bulky, loose, or untidy is just going to give the impression to the interviewer that you aren’t a very well organized individual.

    2 Responses to “How To Pick Jewelry For An Interview”

    1. Lexine Says:

      Men and Women can always be fashionable though still on a professional look. Wearing too much accessories can be a bad thing when having an interview. Like wearing those big earrings that can be annoying for the interviewer. Accessorized yourself depending where to go and who to talk to.Remember that first impressions always last..

    2. Zabrina Says:

      If you wrote an article about life we’d all reach enlgihntement.

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