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    Aug 23

    Beryl-142423Rare gems and gem encrusted jewelry will always have a story attached to them. The checkered past of such items is usually due to their immense value as well as the collectible value. One such situation is currently underway with what is known as the Bahia emerald which has garnered a lot of following. The kind of celebrity status that the uncut emerald currently has can easily be compared to a movie star as people from most walks of life are waiting for the intriguing battle for its ownership to resolve.

    The Bahia diamond is an 840 pound chunk of rough green diamonds embedded in a chunk of granite. The size of the Bahia Emerald is roughly estimated at 4 x 4 x 4 feet, which makes it the biggest uncut emerald in the world. It is highly likely that the Bahia Emerald will not be cut for making jewelry as its value comes from its title of being the biggest uncut emerald in the world.

    Although the history of the green block of wonder is still uncertain, one thing that is confirmed by all the parties involved is that the diamond was found in Brazil in 2001. The clincher of the whole story and the reason for the dispute over the diamond is that the Bahia emerald is worth a whopping sum of 400 million dollars and is without any record or proof of ownership. Furthermore, what adds to the intrigue is that the Associated Press reports that the diamond traveled all the way from Brazil to Las Vegas via New Orleans and Idaho.

    As per the recent reports in the media, the Bahia diamond is all set to go back to court as its ownership is still not clear. However, it is expected that the ownership of the Bahia Emerald will be cleared in a few days as the Los Angeles judge presiding over the dispute is expected to rule soon. The last person whose legal brief was heard by Judge John Kronstadt was one Mr. Anthony Thomas, a gem merchant. The posturing and the legal pleas for the ownership of the Bahia Emerald seems to have been concluded for now, even though the case will shoot back into court in September if another claim is laid by someone not already involved in the case.

    The story of Anthony Thomas is that he bought the Bahia emerald from the Brazilians after it was unearthed for a sum of 60,000 dollars in 2001. Anthony Thomas is being opposed by the three other parties who are being represented by the law firm known as Greene Broillet and Wheeler. According to releases from the lawyers of Greene Broillet and Wheeler, their clients should be granted the rightful ownership of the disputed Bahia Emerald because they obtained a valid legal title for the stone for a seven figure sum.
    The ownership for the diamond, as per media reports, is up for grabs as multiple people are laying claim to it on the basis of questionable tales pertaining to how they bought it. People currently vying to get their hands on the block of granite containing multiple green diamonds include the already mentioned Anthony Thomas, a Mr. Kit Morrison, a Mr. Todd Armstrong and a Mr. Jerry Ferrara.

    It is believed that the highly coveted block of granite with pieces of green diamonds was moved from Idaho to Las Vegas by Todd Armstrong who claims that he received the stone as collateral for a shipment of diamonds that he legally paid for. However, as per Todd Armstrong, the shipment failed to show up which is why he tried to sell the Bahia Emerald. It was this action of Todd Armstrong which resulted in the Las Vegas sheriff’s department becoming involved as Armstrong was trying to sell the stone without any proof of ownership. That was the last major event for the Bahia Emerald as it now sits safe, sound and comfortable in the custody of the Los Angeles sheriff’s department.

    It is believed by many people that all the parties claiming the ownership of the Bahia Emerald have dubious claims and that there would need to be something extraordinary for Judge John Kronstadt to rule explicitly in any one party’s favor. Also, many people are still expecting skeletons to fall out of the closets of the claimants, as is usually the case with people involved with precious diamonds that have intriguing histories.

    3 Responses to “Ownership of the 840-Pound Bahia Emerald Still Up For Grabs”

    1. Roger Says:

      It’s not a Emerald, it’s a Topaz!!!

    2. teddy Says:

      are you only selling it in the whole 840lbs.? or can i buy a small amount?

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