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    Jan 17

    Birthstone engagement rignOne trend that’s starting to take off with celebrities and can be expected to show up more in 2013 is the birthstone engagement ring.

    Fabulous Deep Shades

    An untraditional engagement ring isn’t just about choosing a different colored diamond. If you are as lucky as Jessica Simpson to have ruby as your birthstone, then you can keep the precious stone theme, but use the ruby as the central feature. That’s exactly what Simpson chose to do when she accepted her future hubby Eric Johnson’s proposal. By featuring the birthstone, the engagement ring can come in a variety of deep hues from emerald green to deep luscious red.

    You Still Get Diamonds

    Just because the central stone isn’t a diamond does not mean you have to give up on them all together. Any stone complements a diamond beautifully and they make a perfect foil for rich-colored birthstones. Simpson’s ring had a diamond on either side, so the girl got her cake and frosting, too. If one big birthstone in the middle just doesn’t feel quite right, adding birthstones somewhere along the sides or on the bands works too.

    Birthstone Accents

    Justin Timberlake presented his bride-to-be, Jessica Biel, with a custom-made diamond engagement ring that had small birthstone accents. For grooms who are taking the brave step to design their own engagement rings, it’s probably a good thing to find out first whether the girl is more traditional or not. If unsure, adding the birthstone as accents is a way to honor the bride-to-be’s birthday without making it the sole feature of the ring.

    [Photo Credit: Rockinfree]

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