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    Aug 26

    untitled-81.jpgFor years, women had all the fun with diamond jewelry but today, men are also extremely interested in wearing the most current styles. For instance, today men have a huge selection of diamond jewelry with unique designs to include earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, and of course, rings. Even men’s wedding rings have been revamped where today, men have both conventional and contemporary design options.

    Some of the first men’s jewelry seen was on priests who wore breastplates as a spiritual significance. Over time, early craftsmen started to make special pieces designed for other parts of the body, specifically the torso and neck. As popularity grew, men’s jewelry then moved to crowns, earplugs, and lip rings, and so on. Then in modern times, the popularity of men’s jewelry declined, often seen as being inappropriate. However, in the past 10 to 15 years, the reasons why men wear jewelry have skyrocketed. Jewelry is a great way of looking great while also making a statement.

    A number of reasons exist why men wear jewelry but without doubt, the most common is that this is a great way to enjoy many of the amazing fashion accessories available. Even men that tend to be more on the conservative side will push the envelope by choosing a watch with a little bling. Men right along with women love to look stylish, which means wearing nice clothes, designer shoes, and of course, jewelry. To complete a look, men are now wearing bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, tie bars, and even cuff links. In fact, many men wear several diamond rings at once, along with a watch and/or bracelet.

    A favorite type of men’s jewelry is actually the necklace. Some men prefer to keep things more formal by wearing a solid gold, silver, or platinum chain. For this, many different styles are available to choose from, some heavy and detailed and some a little more on the plain side. However, other men want jewelry that is bold and with character. For a casual look, men could look at wooden beads made of natural or colored wood. Typically, men’s necklaces such as this look great while at the beach, on vacation, or in a casual setting with friends. Why men wear jewelry such as necklaces is simple—they look great.

    Another popular type of men’s jewelry that has been designed in a multitude of options is the bracelet. Reasons why men wear jewelry such as this are that it adds a touch of class and makes a statement. A man interested in wearing a bracelet should make sure he chooses something simplistic but also classic if he plans to wear it daily. Then if a man wants to wear a bracelet for a formal occasion, he could go with something fancier, perhaps a bracelet designed with diamonds.

    Men’s bracelets come in a huge variety of choices but regardless, it should fit the wrist firmly. That way, the bracelet would not swing about, which could be annoying and pose a risk for the bracelet to become damaged. After all, many men’s bracelets are made from high quality materials and some have beautiful diamonds. Therefore, the fit should be secure to make sure it does not accidentally, fall off or become damaged.

    One of the reasons why men wear jewelry such as the woven bracelet has to do with age. This particular style of bracelet is most often seen among teenagers and younger men who still enjoy style and fashion but in a much more casual way. These bracelets are very inexpensive and the perfect choice for spending time outside, especially at the beach.

    For years, only women wore earrings but today, it is very common to find a man wearing one or two earrings. Some men enjoy the more daring and unusual designs while others like small studs that could be worn in a more professional setting. Earrings for men are also made from all types of materials and jewels but diamonds are still at the top of the list. Reasons why men wear jewelry such as earrings are that it is fun and something different but without going too far over the top.

    Regardless of why men wear jewelry, this is a huge benefit to women. Often, women find it very difficult to get the man of their lives the perfect gift. Sometimes, men will simply go out and buy what they want so when it comes time for a birthday, anniversary, or a “just because” gift, trying to find something to buy can be challenging. However, knowing that men love jewelry of all types just as much as women do is what makes shopping much easier for women. Other reasons why men wear jewelry include:

    Jewelry enhances a person’s appearance. Even when dressed down, men’s jewelry can create a look of class and elegance.

    Jewelry allows a man to have some flexibility regarding image. Depending on the piece of jewelry and the design of the jewelry, he can look like a rock star, a top executive, or surf pro.

    Jewelry is a timeless investment. Regardless of the type of men’s jewelry purchased, if it is cared for properly, it will last forever.

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