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    Nov 02

    tungstenringPeople may find the question “how do rich men wear jewelry?” strange but some individuals believe that many people of wealth prefer to purchase only the most expensive jewelry pieces. The truth is that wealthy men are no different from anyone else in that wearing jewelry is a personal decision. Some men like wearing jewelry such as a watch or bracelet on a daily basis but then add earrings or a necklace when entertaining or going out.

    Instead of asking if rich men wear jewelry, a better question would be what type of jewelry do rich men wear. Typically, men who have money to spend on jewelry will buy high quality. This means they want the purest gold, the best diamonds, and the most unusual designs from top designers. However, some rich men have a completely different take. They like mixing things up, perhaps wearing sterling silver and turquoise or even laboratory created gems.

    The bottom line in answer to the question of do rich men wear jewelry is that most do but there is no right or wrong decision. Each person is unique and has a preferred style. Therefore, wealthy men will start by looking at the styles of jewelry they like most and then consider additional pieces as they go. Regardless of the pieces of jewelry worn, people can be sure that watches are something most wealthy men never leave home without wearing.

    Okay, so do rich men wear jewelry such as earrings? Again, many do. A popular choice is diamond studs. Just as diamonds are a woman’s best friend, they are also loved by men. Sometimes, a man will wear only one earring but if a wealthy man wears earrings on a daily basis, chances are he would choose smaller diamonds, perhaps 1/3 or 1/2 carat. Typically, men do not wear colored diamonds, preferring the more conventional look.

    The other side of that is the wealthy man with a more free spirit and liberal lifestyle. In this case, the individual may wear plugs, which are large special earrings that actually create a large hole in the earlobe. For this, a small plug is worn first and as the skin stretches, the size of the plug increases. Rich men in this category are often tattoo company owners or musicians. While not for everyone, earrings of this type do have their following.

    Do rich men wear jewelry such as necklaces. The answer to this is yes, and quite commonly. Men’s necklaces come in thousands of design options. Necklaces are made with white and yellow gold of varying weight, sterling silver, and of course for the wealthiest, titanium and platinum. For a more conservative and professional look, a medium size chain is the most popular choice. However, for a larger man or someone who appreciates a bolder look while still keeping things professional, a thicker chain would be a better option. Of course, along with the width of the necklace and the weight and color of the gold, there are also some amazing styles.

    Of course, along with the classic style of men’s necklace, contemporary designs are also popular. For instance, a stainless steel necklace with a dog tag pendant that has black carbon filler is a very popular choice. Made in a satin finish, this particular design of men’s necklace looks great in the boardroom or for a night out on the town. The design is timeless, looking great on men of all ages. Even a gold men’s necklace with a diamond encrusted tag that reads “dad” is ideal for Father’s Day.

    In addition to necklaces, do rich men wear jewelry such as cuff links? Although cuff links were highly popular for many years, they dwindled during the 1980s and 1990s. However, today cuff links are again a great way for a wealthy man to dress up an expensive designer suit and shirt. Men can choose designs reminiscence of the older styles that are now popular or go with something completely new and innovative.

    A great example is cuff links made with textured copper and hematite stainless steel. The statement is powerful and bold yet very classy. The detailing is intricate and unique, making this an ideal choice for a man of position. Another possible design choice for cuff links is those made of mother of pearl. Coupled with stainless steel, these have a handsome design that would look amazing with any colored suit. However, for the wealthy man that loves nostalgia, vintage martini glasses work. These cuff links look like something James Bond would wear so they would certainly look great on someone with money.

    In answer to people’s question of do rich men wear jewelry the answer is they do and they wear all types of jewelry made with a variety of materials. Just because a man has money does not mean he feels the need to always buy top of the line pieces. Actually, many wealthy men love bargain hunting, even for jewelry. After all, quality pieces do not necessarily have to cost a fortune.

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