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    Mar 05

    Billy RayIf you were homeless and someone dropped a diamond ring in your change cup, would you sell it? Not, if you’re Billy Ray Harris from Kansas City, Missouri. One fateful night, Sarah Darling accidentally dropped her engagement ring, along wit some change, into Harris’ donation cup. She had taken it off earlier in the evening due to chafing and put it into the change purse, unaware that she would later pick it up with some coins she tossed into Billy Ray’s open cup. She may not have noticed, but Billy Ray certainly did when he looked into the cup and there was a diamond ring staring back at him. By then, Mrs. Darling was long gone. It seemed to be Billy Ray’s very lucky day.

    The Lucky Ring

    Once she realized her ring was gone, Mrs. Darling tried to find Billy Ray. Lucky for her Billy Ray had decided to hold on to the ring, instead of selling it, to see if the owner came back. Sarah was eventually able to find Billy Ray, who returned the ring. Upon receiving her ring, Mrs. Darling dubbed it a ring with “great karma.” She didn’t know how lucky the ring would end up being for both her and Billy Ray. When he heard that Billy Ray had held the ring for safekeeping until Mrs. Darling returned, her husband, Bill Krejci, was so moved that he decided to try to help Billy Ray. He posted a GiveForward Campaign online to repay Billy Ray for his honesty. Through the magic of the Internet, thousands have learned about the homeless man who gave the diamond ring back without any reward in mind instead of pocketing it. Touched by the show of honesty over adversity, people have opened their wallets to make sure Billy Ray gets more than just a “Thank you.”

    The Ring’s Total Tally

    Many total strangers impressed with Billy Ray’s honesty have decided to give him a reward he will never forget. The online campaign will run until May 9th but over $170,000 has already been donated to Billy Ray Harris, who will receive the entire proceeds of the campaign. From one small act of kindness to the entire world; Billy Ray Harris will end up receiving far more than the ring’s actual value since the story and the campaign has gone viral. Billy Ray will, hopefully, no longer have to live on the streets and has already met with financial and legal counselors to determine how best to manage his new-found wealth. In the meantime, the Darlings couldn’t be happier. The ring that brought them both great karma by joining them in matrimony now has a story that is priceless to them both. They are pleased that they got the ring back, but overjoyed that they could help reward an honest man’s simple deed beyond his wildest imagination.

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    1. bowlan Says:

      the question her husband should be asking here is why wasent the ring in her finger instead of being hidden in a change purse.

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