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    Jul 17

    heart-earrings.jpgPeople wanting to make a lasting impression on someone they love can succeed by choosing jewelry. Although diamond jewelry is everyone’s favorite, even some of the amazing fashion jewelry pieces being made today make a statement. For a birthday, anniversary, or just because, there is nothing that says “I love you” like a beautiful piece of jewelry.

    In addition to looking gorgeous and being a huge trend, receiving jewelry also tells the recipient that there is a sentimental attachment to the item. Being able to wear the jewelry for life is a continuing reminder that the ring, pendant, bracelet, watch, or whatever the item was a gift from someone special. Since jewelry is a desirable gift, a person can never go wrong in choosing something unique for a very important person.

    Typically, buying diamond and fashion jewelry for a woman is a breeze because she loves it all. Therefore, a man could choose a ring, earrings, bracelet, or something else and feel confident the gift will be cherished. On the other hand, buying diamond or fashion jewelry for a man can be a little more challenging but not impossible. With the affordable cost of magnificent pieces now available, it is time to get away from ties, shirts, and wallets as gifts, choosing jewelry instead.

    The great thing about jewelry designs on the market today for men is that there is virtually any style wanted. This means women will find great collection of masculine, trendy, sporty, classy, and even whimsical designs to match the personality of the special man. Additionally, there are the standards such as watches and tie clasps but today, men often wear pendants, bracelets, and even earrings, creating more possibilities.

    A popular type of jewelry that men love receiving is a designer watch. The styles have evolved over the years where they are no longer a simple time piece. Instead, designer watches are a true fashion statement. This means a woman can choose something with a classy and traditional feel while also having special features. In addition, many men’s watches include diamonds or other gemstones, perfect for the working man or someone who loves dressing to the nines.

    For women, pendants are always a great jewelry choice. The best option is for the man to buy both a chain and pendant so there is assurance the two will match perfectly. The woman’s size would also play a role in the type of pendant chosen. For instance, a smaller built woman would need something more on the dainty side while a larger woman could easily wear something larger and more fashionable.

    Some of the most popular types of jewelry that say I love you are the rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. However, there are a growing number of new jewelry pieces, as well as trends for existing options. This way, buyers have a much better option of finding something that will fit the occasion and the person being given the gift.

    A unique option is to take a prized piece of diamond or fashion jewelry that perhaps belonged to a loved one’s deceased mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, or another close person. An old engagement or wedding ring belonging to a grandmother could be completely reworked by a skilled jewelry designer. With this, the person being given the ring would not only love the new piece of jewelry but be forever touched by the special connection to the past.

    Some of the most popular choices for jewelry that says I love you is anything designed from white gold or platinum. Both metals are white and shiny, giving the piece of jewelry a gorgeous appearance regardless of the type of stone. Then for women who prefer something a little bolder, chunky pendants and bangle bracelets made from rose gold are huge right now.

    Buyers need to remember that saying I love you with jewelry does not have to be expensive. Sure, there are items on the market that cost $4,000 to $50,000 or more but there are also beautifully designed pieces of diamond and fashion jewelry that are less than $300. Therefore, no matter the reason for giving the gift, a gorgeous piece of jewelry can be purchased without breaking the bank.

    Other wonderful possibilities for special jewelry are some of the unique collections currently on the market. For instance, one collection now offers yellow gold cuffs made from 18 karat gold. What makes this jewelry so different is that it uses an airy framework that makes it easy to create layering effects that people love. This technology is affordable with prices starting around $1,000.

    Even watches on the market today make the perfect I love you gift because they are so unusual and elegant. For instance, a woman would love a rhodium-plated watch made from white gold encircled with beautiful diamonds. Of course, for someone needing to keep to a tighter budget, a watch with a stainless steel band and face designed with sapphires makes a beautiful gift idea.

    For a huge statement, both men and women love the new designer colored diamonds. While some colored stones are more expensive, not all are out of reach. To save money, colored “diamonds” also come from lab creations. With this, the stones are manmade and with new technology and materials, the appearance is so close to the real deal that telling the lab-created stones from those mined is nearly impossible. The price of lab stones is extremely affordable and a great way of saying I love you.

    The bottom line is that giving the perfect gift has never been easier. With so many wonderful new designs available, the buyer can rest assured that diamond or fashion jewelry would be happily received. Best of all, buying a quality piece of jewelry does not automatically mean spending a fortune. Because jewelry has become so popular, demand has dropped prices, so anyone can find the perfect gift.

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