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    Oct 10

    This fall, it’s all about geometric shapes and designs. Triangles are eye catching, and studs and spikes are full of flair, but don’t stop there! Rectangles, arrows, squares, semi-circles, any jewelry that is structured and symmetrical is the look you want. Cutesy mustaches, prints and woodland creatures are OUT. Go for more  sophisticated pieces. So take off the long draping necklaces and vaguely hippie dangly earrings and opt for something more distinctive.

    When it comes to diamonds, think black and white: black diamonds are the most sought-after colored gems in the world right now. For an unforgettable look try silver tone metals set off by black gems or enamel. And for added style on your ring, add some pave diamonds!


    Necklaces that make a statement are all the rage, and show no signs of calming down anytime soon. Try a big, bold bib-collar style necklace over a simple high-necked top, and watch heads turn. Wear a necklace that gives off the vibe “Foxy” or “Amour” or “Carpe Diem.” The important part is to be bold and fearless — if your outfit whispers, your jewelry should shout!



    Experiment with different metals. Yellow gold is timeless and classic, but white gold has never been hotter. And platinum is scalding hot right now! If you want to be unique, go off the reservation with brass or copper. Don’t be afraid to mix various colored metals for a unique look, either by blending several different pieces, or better yet get one piece that does the blending for you.





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