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    Sep 03

    Your jewelry should say something about you. The best accessories are ones that highlight and bring out your personality. Everyone is different, and so everyone’s style should also be different. Don’t follow a trend, just pick out gorgeous pieces that reflect your individuality.

    One way people are setting themselves apart is with animal themed jewelry. Birds, cats, dogs, fish, even insects are being used as designs and patterns for some incredible new jewelry. No matter what kind of personality you have, there’s an animal that represents it. You don’t have to use the term ”spirit animal” if you don’t want to, but think about the one animal that really speaks to you.

    Now you can use that animal to enhance your accessories, and give your look a little shot of something wild.

    Call of the Wild

    Are you a dog person? Perhaps you’re a cat person. Or maybe, just maybe, your style is something more exotic.

    Why choose a house cat when you can wear a lioness, or a black panther, or a cheetah? Wear a tiger necklace, with muted black and orange stripes, to proclaim how fierce you are. Represent your strength with a rams-head bracelet. Or find something vintage, like a traditional-style serpent brooch.

    The animal motif has exploded in popularity this year, and it seems like there a hundreds of new, dynamic pieces hitting the market every month. It’s not just for women, either. One of the coolest pieces released lately is a hand-crafted silver tie tack that looks like a curious monkey.

    A Bug’s Life

    You don’t have to like bugs and creepy-crawlies to love the looks of these insect-themed pieces. Insects have too many legs and too many eyes, and are usually terrifying if you see them up close, but when cast into jewelry they can look beautiful.

    Butterfly rings are hot, and fabulous. The color and pattern variations are endless, and butterflies represent the soul, and life! The Isabella Collection offers a knockout platinum and diamond butterfly accent ring, and for her gorgeous ring Kate Spade uses the butterfly wings to highlight a body made of turquoise.

    If butterflies aren’t your thing, you can get really buggy with a pendant that has a real insect like a fire ant, a scorpion, or a beetle suspended in amber, or crystal. Try a golden moth on a lapel pin, or a ladybug ruby hair clip. You can never go wrong with the long, lean, somehow elegant look of a dragonfly.

    Under the Sea

    Below the oceans surface are countless forms of life, some of which are so breathtaking to look at its no wonder they inspire jewelry. The symbol of the fish is used in a lot of traditional Christian pieces – and you can find some sensational gold and platinum pendants – but the look and feel of real sea life can be found in hundreds of different pieces.

    A Koi ring will wrap its tail around your little finger. The repeating pattern of a starfish or a seahorse works incredibly on a necklace or a bracelet. Turtle earrings sound like fun to you? If not, try the octopus earrings, each one clutching a little pearl in their tentacles. And a dolphin pendant can be dazzling if its set with a few diamonds.


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