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    Start with a Diamond
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    Apr 16

    While many Christians wear a simple cross as a symbol of their devotion, celebrities around the world are putting their own special twist on their crosses. Instead of a simple cross, celebrities are opting for diamond-studded crosses and unique designs. They show their particular devotion while also creating a personal fashion statement.

    Diamond Crosses

    Both Heidi Klum and Britney Spears were recently spotted wearing crosses that were studded with diamonds. The cross that Britney wore was composed of an array of diamonds set in the shape of a cross, while Heidi’s piece was adorned with the precious gems, instead. The precious stones were these two’s way of customizing their crosses.

    Another Slant on Diamond Crosses

    Not to be outdone, Jennifer Lopez decided to take a slant route to the diamond studded theme. She had the cross set sideways instead of vertical. Some people, especially celebrities, like to make an alteration to a well-known theme to make it their own unique style. Sideways crosses can be set as a single cross or linked together end to end.

    That Layered Look

    One of the hottest Hollywood jewelry trends right now is layering jewelry, and cross jewelry is no exception. Kourtney Kardashian was recently seen sporting a cross amongst a set of layered jewelry. Whether or not you decide to layer your cross is a matter of personal choice. Layering can be used to both enhance or play down the inclusion of a cross into a set of jewelry, but how a cross is displayed and what it means to each person is dependent entirely on that individual’s beliefs.

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