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    Jul 11

    Every piece of jewelry means something, but there are times when a piece needs a little something extra. Maybe it’s for a special occasion, to mark a life changing event, or a gift for a person you just couldn’t live without. But sometimes you need jewelry that is unique and special in all the world.

    Customized and personalized jewelry is not always as expensive and hard to find as people think.

    Engraving and Script

    The most common form of personalization is engraving. Many jewelers will engrave a ring or necklace for you for free if you purchase it from them, and will engrave anything else for a modest fee. Using names, symbols, or important dates is a simple way to make a unique piece that much more special.

    You can’t go wrong with a nameplate necklace, but some modern thinking young ladies have started putting their Twitter handle on the plate instead! Or take a traditional look and get an acrylic monogrammed script necklace or pendant using only your initials. Initial rings are also a nice twist on the classic scripted-letters look.

    QR Codes

    The coolest new trend in customized jewelry are QR codes. You know those little squares of white and black patterns you scan with your phone at the grocery store and the movie theater? Jewelers and hand-crafters are incorporating them into rings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets!

    With a QR code, the sky’s the limit. You decide what information or message you want hidden in the code, which will be unique and designed just for you. You can use your phone number or a personal message, or you can link to your website, Twitter feed, or YouTube channel. When anyone uses their smartphone to scan the code, it will show them just what you want.

    As cool as QR code jewelry is, make sure you’re getting jewelry and not just a gimmick. Some places sell a “necklace” that is simply a QR code on a string. Shop around, these items are becoming easier to find, and get something that’s both tech-savvy and fabulous.

    Try It Yourself

    By making simple tweaks you can create your own custom pieces! Try layering several coordinating necklaces, then tying them together with a pretty piece of lace or a strip of interesting fabric.

    Also, think about how to rework things you already have. That pretty brooch can be fastened to a necklace. A piece of colorful, fun costume jewelry can be pinned to a plain purse.  Do something unique like using big, vintage post-style earrings and use them to cuff your jeans. Wrap a long necklace around your wrist a few times and voila, you have a new bracelet!

    Need some more ideas? Here are 168 thousand of them!


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