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    Oct 04

    Can objects be cursed, or haunted? Everyone has heard about ghosts, spirits and things that go bump in the night, and everyone understands what a haunted house is. But what about a haunted diamond? Can a beautiful piece of jewelry actually carry a curse from one owner to the next?

    Before you make up your mind, listen to the tale of the Hope Diamond, the most famously infamous diamond in the world.

    History of the Hope

    The origins of the Hope Diamond are shrouded in mystery. Historical records give parts of the story, and yet there are long periods where no one knows where the diamond was, or who had it. Because of a lack of facts, a mythology has arisen around the cursed gemstone.

    It is believed the diamond first came to Europe from India by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier. Some claim he purchased the stone, but legend says he stole the massive diamond from the eye of a statue of the goddess Sita. Tavernier took the so-called Tavernier Blue to France, where he sold it to King Louis XIV.

    The King had the stone re-cut into a brilliant 67 carats, and kept it in the family until that royal family was massacred during the French Revolution in 1793. After that, the magnificent blue diamond simply disappeared.

    Twenty years later, in September of 1812, the diamond resurfaced. It was a little smaller now (45 carats) but undoubtedly the same jewel. Soon after, it was sold to a banker named Thomas Hope. Where had the diamond been for all those years? No one can say. But once the Hope Diamond was introduced back into society, the popular legend of the curse began.

    Reputed Victims of the Curse

    These are a few of the names associated with the Hope Diamond curse. In a case like this there is always speculation, and indeed many if not all of these people might have just encountered bad luck, and it had nothing to do with the Hope Diamond. And yet, history and rumor keep linking the fate of these poor souls to possession of the fabulous blue jewel.

    • Jacques Colet — Suicide
    • Prince Ivan Kanitovski — Murdered by his subjects
    • Mille Laude – Murdered by her lover
    • Simon Mencharides – Thrown off a cliff, along with his family
    • Abu Sabir – Sent to prison and tortured
    • Kulub Bey – Hanged
    • Hehver Agha – Hanged
    • Jean-Baptiste Tavernier – Torn apart by wild dogs
    • Princess de Lamballe – Torn apart by wild Frenchmen
    • William Fals – Lost his fortune
    • Hendrik Fals – Stole the jewel from his father, committed suicide
    • Lord Francis Hope – The namesake of the diamond went bankrupt and sold the diamond.
    • Evalyn Walsh Maclean – Her son died in a car crash, her daughter of an overdose, and her husband died of natural causes in a sanitarium.
    • King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette – Guillotined

    Eerie Red Glow

    Is there any truth to the legend? There are believers, and there are skeptics. There is one odd, unusual quality of the Hope Diamond that has been confirmed by science. After the Hope has been exposed to ultraviolet light, it glows red. It will emit this red phosphorescence for a while after the light source has been removed, allowing it to glow in the dark.

    This quality has no doubt added to the legend of the Hope Diamond curse.

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