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    Start with a Diamond
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    Aug 29

    Astronomy is one of the many science sectors that amaze most people. They use very high-powered telescopes and other computer modeling techniques to find new planets and other astronomical bodies out there in space. Sometimes they find out things that we don’t really care about, almost too technical for our comprehension and other times, they discover things that are newsworthy have such a dramatic effect on the way we think about space that we even daydream about aliens and all things outer space. It can be fun to hear about new solar systems and new planets and the breadth of the universe can be truly overwhelming. There are other types of science that are more down to earth and can explain certain phenomenon here on earth that can be very interesting as well. One thing that always seems to excite people is the formation of the diamond and how that happens. When carbon is heated and pressurized, it can become a diamond. We mine them and use them for jewelry as well as for industrial purposes. Since diamond is one of the hardest substances on Earth, it is great for cutting and polishing other hard materials.
    Astronomers have recently found a small planet orbiting a star that is comprised of carbon, which would be diamond as the heat from the star would have transformed the carbon. This is important because no other planets have been comprised of this much carbon. The star and planet are very far away and quite small. The entire orbit, planet and star could fit inside the Sun, which is surprising as we always feel that our solar system is very small, but this one is even smaller. Diamonds are so exciting to most folks, but this diamond planet is probably not very shiny and would not look like a clear crystal globe spinning around a tiny star, it would have many inclusions to be sure. The planet itself is probably some remnants from the sun it is orbiting that were knocked off and caught in the orbit, but the find is significant and far away at 4,000 light years. It is orbiting so close that it only takes 2.5 hours to get around the star, in contrast to the earth, which takes 24 hours. Since it is so far away, astronomers couldn’t even speculate what it looks like up close, but they assume it will not look like a clear globe as stated earlier, but a very rough version of the diamond that we know and love.

    Diamonds are such precious commodities that anything that involves them will be in the news. It’s hard to imagine and entire planet that is made of diamonds. While not likely to be crystal clear, it would be amazing to see a diamond mountain, one where you can see below the surface and since there are other elements present, the diamond surface could be multi-colored just like fancy diamonds and that alone would be worth a visit, too bad it’s just not possible…yet.

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