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    Oct 08

    If you have watched any part of the latest coverage on the campaign for the next president of the United States, you will likely notice that the attire of the potential First Ladies is getting coverage as well. Included in the wardrobe coverage are an impressive number of diamond brooches and pins that have made their way onto the wives of the presidential candidates during the Democratic and Republican Conventions, as well as on stops along the way.One of the most notable was the brooch that Michelle Obama wore on the first night of the Democratic Convention. This brooch, which blended perfectly with her turquoise dress, is the perfect example of how to wear a gemstone or diamond brooch. Without being too gaudy, the brooch created the perfect accent to a simple and elegant outfit. It also made a fashion statement that let people talk about her for days after she appeared at the convention.

    Cindy McCain also has a fair share of gemstone and diamond brooches, including her signature rhinestone Ann Hand pin. Generally, Mrs. McCain will wear multiple pins and brooches, including ones that support her husband and those that support her sons’ military branches, “USMC” and “NAVY” diamond pins.

    Because of the attraction to the brooches and pins that each woman has worn throughout the campaign course, there are even websites dedicated to showing whose campaign flair is faring better, including which pieces are the most popular and which candidate’s flair is selling the best.

    In fact, a number of First Ladies have sported their fair share of brooches over the years, including some diamond, some rhinestone, and some with gold, silver, and pearls. The type of brooch or lapel pin that a person chooses is largely up to that person and is a wonderful indication of that person’s personality.

    It is amazing to see, that as the campaign continues on toward the November election date, more and more people are adding diamond brooches and pins to their collection of political flair. Although most people are wearing brooches that are made of Swarovski crystals for campaign purposes, others are actually wearing genuine diamond brooches and pins, including those that are the shape of the American flag, as well as others.

    A brooch is quickly becoming an easy way to replace a necklace or to make a statement without making it over the top. In addition, it can be used as another type of jewelry, when you plan to keep your necklace or earrings simple. Some common types of diamond brooches include flowers, cancer awareness symbols, and flags. Other styles or types include those that are eclectic, antique, or simply unique. The more unique the item, the more attention it is sure to draw to you, your cause, or your outfit, which for many women is a good thing.

    While diamonds, brooches, and fashion should not be a focal point of the upcoming election, it does become a trend at helping people get to know the candidate’s wives just a little better. Each woman’s style in clothing and jewelry is indicative of what she represents and, ultimately, what values are important to her.

    For a candidate who believes in helping the little people, expensive designer clothing and jewelry may not show that that person and their family are representative of the ideals and people that they claim to support. However, in many cases, the candidates who are able to afford to hit the campaign trails are not in the same position as many Americans, which become increasingly evident as you view their clothing and jewelry choices.

    Therefore, many of them are treated with celebrity status. Much like woman pine and analyze what a celebrity wears and what type of diamond brooches she likes to wear to awards ceremonies, the same method of thinking can often apply to the candidate and his wife.

    More recently, the same method of thinking has been applied to Vice President candidate Sarah Palin. As a running mate, she is held to the same standards as the men in terms of being qualified enough for the position. However, as a woman, she is held to many of the same standards as the wives in terms of the clothing labels that she prefers, the type of jewelry that she wears, and how many diamonds she displays while out on the campaign trail.

    With some interesting gem, rhinestone, and diamond brooches, as well as haute couture clothing already making their way onto the campaign trail, it will be interesting to see what types of outfits are worn and how the women plan to accessorize with the outfits. Then, once the election is over, we can determine how the First Lady’s style changed from the campaign trail to the White House and what role, if any, it plays in the everyday American’s diamond purchases.

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