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    Apr 28

    pearls2.jpgMost of us immediately think of rockstar Prince’s famous song titled “Diamonds and Pearls” when considering the pairing of two of nature’s most precious stones. The icon may have preceded a major movement in the fashionable styling of modern jewelry widely available and worn by the rich and famous. Celebrities typically set the tone of many jewelry fashion movements which eventually become popular for the general public. Recently, diamonds paired with pearls of all sizes and colors, including popular black Tahitian varieties, have been seen on the red carpet and in major department stores alike.

    Designers are using diamonds and pearls in everything from rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, to cufflinks and watches. Clothing designers are getting in on the act as well, using real and imitation varieties to add a fashionable statement to jeans, bridal and ball gowns, and other wearable garments.

    Celebrities seen wearing the combinations in borrowed and bought jewelry include Halle Berry, Cate Blanchett, Christina Aguliera, and Sharon Stone. Even the First Lady-to-be, Michelle Obama, has been seen wearing modern pieces using the classic jewels.

    Fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana are preparing to release a new book titled “Diamonds & Pearls”. As a celebration of the twosome’s successful partnership over the past two decades, the book offers special insight to their personal worlds.

    Implementing luxury, pleasure and seduction, the book is a result of collaboration with Austrian photographer Guenter Parth. Parth specializes in still-life images, and was personally chosen by the two designers.

    When determining the style and design of the book, high-fashion clothing by D & G is featured in the photos. The clothes are also used to highlight jewelry of all styles, from gemstones to diamonds, gold leaves and pearls.

    The clothes are not modeled by real-life women, in a surprising twist. The designers, along with Parth, decided to use three lifelike mannequins. These “dolls” were fashioned to look surprisingly like real women. D & G also had the models built to fit their definition of an “ideal” woman’s physique.

    In a deliberate attempt to avoid using a top model, the designers wanted to make their book appeal to everyday women looking for a taste of high-dollar fashion. The book retails for $270, and proceeds benefit Butterfly Onlus Foundation, a children’s charity.

    Pearls were once thought to be a lady’s jewels, made famous by First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Longer strands and using colored or Tahitian versions enable varying sizes, styles, and textures to be implemented into modern appealing jewelry.

    Madonna has been known to be a sort of spokesmodel for D & G in the past, and is widely respected as a fashion and jewelry trendsetter. She typically will overstep traditional boundaries when combining or choosing new baubles to wear, such as diamonds and pearls.

    Everyone can take part in the growing trend of combining these rare gifts of nature, reflecting the vintage and natural themes that are popular today. Black Tahitian pearls create a gothic-inspired look when paired with black diamonds and blackened metals.

    Darker versions of the white and colorless jewels have been seen in and around Hollywood for the past year in great frequency. Every public appearance and red carpet event has provided a lesson in today’s biggest trends and longed-for jewelry pieces.

    Combining a few separate simple pieces can easily achieve the look. If you have a string of pearls, pair them with your diamond necklace or drop earrings. This allows you to utilize your most prized pieces together or separately.

    Adding a newer piece to your current collection will lend several possibilities as well. Many major department and jewelry stores carry the newest designs using black metals, black pearls and black diamonds. These timeless pieces will allow for years of wear and prized heirlooms for future generations.

    The latest jewelry trends call for larger and colored stones, colored metals, and fancy cuts of diamonds. Pairing diamonds, white or black, with other gemstones is also quite popular. Perhaps the perfect addition to your current collection will include a fashionable cuff bracelet using one or all of these design aspects.

    Not only do the stars and very wealthy realize the value of these gems, but now mainstream versions are available for everyone. Champagne and chocolate diamonds are also becoming more popular.

    Another way to mix and match your diamonds and pearls would be to wear a diamond pendant on a string of pearls. Many rings available this year featured Tahitian pearl rings framed by smaller, multiple diamonds.

    The black metals available as a gold alloy perfectly complement either black or colorless diamonds. Either version of the stone is easily matched with any type of metal for a classy look. When shopping for your new pieces, keep an eye out for the modern takes on classic, vintage styles as well as leaf and nature motifs.

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