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    Start with a Diamond
    Start with Setting
    Sep 19

    Most people who wear diamond jewelry wear necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches or rings. Besides the fact that diamonds are precious gems, people love to wear them because diamonds look good on anyone whether dark, fair, blonde, brunette, male or female.Of course, just as you can make diamonds into just about any kind of jewelry from tiaras to watch bands, you can find all sorts of diamonds from which to make such jewelry. Moreover, while everyone looks good in diamonds, different diamonds accentuate different individual features on people just as different color clothes do.

    When you consider that you can get naturally colored diamonds in a whole rainbow of colors, you can get the idea of which colors might accentuate your natural features. For instance, a sparkling diamond necklace studded with blue tinted diamonds will probably bring out a great deal of depth of color in a person’s eyes if those eyes are blue. Furthermore, pink tinted diamonds might accentuate the pink undertones of a woman’s skin if she wears them in teardrop earrings.

    After choosing a color of diamond that looks good on you, you will want to consider what type of jewelry you wish to have a diamond set. Perhaps a right hand diamond ring is the right piece of jewelry.

    The right hand diamond ring is a fairly new trend in wearing diamonds. With the strength of women increasing in politics and every other social aspect of the world, women do not necessarily want to wait until they get engaged to have the diamond ring of their dreams.

    Right hand diamond rings come in a wide variety of styles with diamonds of all cuts and colors. Usually, a right hand diamond ring makes a bold statement with an unusual design that its designer intends to help a woman express herself.

    Perhaps, however, you are a woman who would rather wait for an engagement ring, so in the meantime, you might like to have a different piece of diamond jewelry. You might like a diamond necklace. Whether you choose a chain of diamonds, a gold chain hung with a diamond charm or a combination of both, you can find diamonds to suit your taste and style.

    For a unique diamond necklace, you might like a 14k White Gold Necklace paired with a pendant of black and white diamonds. While unusual, black diamonds look good on anyone, regardless of their coloring.

    While the cut of a diamond may not be a large factor in bringing out or accentuating your positive features, your choice of cut will express aspects of your personality. The round brilliant cut is the most common cut for a diamond and with good reason.

    The round brilliant cut shows off the most facets possible of just about any diamond. Of course, there is always the exception to every rule, as the earth does not always uniformly form its diamonds.

    The jeweler who cut one of the largest, fancy colored yellow diamonds ever discovered, the Tiffany Diamond, utilized the pillow cut rather than the round brilliant cut because the cushion cut showed off thirty-two more facets of the diamond than the round brilliant cut could have.

    When a jeweler cuts a diamond in any other way than a round brilliant cut, people call it a fancy cut. Fancy cuts include baguette (from the French, meaning rod or loaf of bread), marquise, princess cut (square outline), heart, briolette (a form of the rose cut), and pear cuts.

    A newer cut introduced into the jewelry industry is the “radiant” cuts (similar to princess cuts, but with rounded edges instead of square edges) and Asscher cuts. Many jewelers are also fancy cutting colored diamonds according to these new styles.

    Fashions and styles have always affected the cut of diamonds, regardless of what value a cut gives a diamond. While the round brilliant cut holds the diamond to the highest standards and therefore holds the highest values, other cuts fade in and out of popularity to match certain styles.

    The baguette cut was popular during the Art Deco stage of history because of its similarity to other Art Deco shapes. Now, princess cuts are one of the more popular and most often cut diamonds.

    Princess cuts are popular with jewelers because of all of the cuts; the least amount of a natural diamond is wasted in the cutting of a square princess cut diamond. While a round brilliant cut might be a little bit more valuable than a princess cut, the princess cut can give you larger diamonds, which makes up for the value per carat.

    With so many traditional and new fashionable cuts and colors available to choose from on the market, anyone can find a diamond that looks good with their coloring and that matches their taste and style.

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