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    Jul 23

    tiara.jpgWhile many people imagine diamond tiaras as outdated pieces of jewelry, in reality there is a huge demand for these lovely items for many formal occasions such as weddings and proms as well as for those seeking to own truly stylish and unusual pieces of jewelry. Formed as circlets or open banded rings to be worn around the crown of the head, tiaras are traditionally made of precious metals such as platinum and gold, and are frequently set with a predominance of diamonds that are accented by larger stones or other precious gems.While a majority of the world’s most valuable and well-known tiaras generally reside with royal families or in national collections of crown or treasured jewels, diamond tiaras are available for purchase, or even rental, at many fine jewelers or estate jewelry agents, and are a popular item even today.

    A quick glance at any significant international event will instantly reveal photographs of women wearing tiaras, while major “red carpet” affairs will also offer up a few ladies in diamond tiaras as well. The winners of almost any beauty contest will be awarded their own tiaras, and even a superhero such as “Wonder Woman” uses her tiara as a weapon! Clearly they are considered an acceptable statement of jewelry design and fashion sense.

    Some of the most popular and unshakeable fashion icons of the world have made their own fashion statements wearing diamond tiaras. Most of the world remembers Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding to Prince Charles, and the beautiful Spencer family tiara she wore that day. Others won’t soon forget the stunning diamond tiara that was worn by Grace Kelly on her wedding day as it lay hidden beneath her gorgeous veil. While the actual monetary value of these tiaras would not break world records, they have served as inspiration throughout the world.

    However, there are certain jewelry collections that house the world’s most valuable, though perhaps not as recognizable tiaras. For example, the royal jewels in the personal collection of Queen Elizabeth II include some of the most remarkable tiaras known. The “Vladimir Tiara” made for the Grand Duchess Vladimir was purchased by Queen Mary from Princess Nicholas of Greece in 1921. Queen Mary had fifteen pearls removed from the original setting and replaced them with some of the famous Cambridge emeralds, the remaining loops and shapes that form the tiara are loaded with dozens of diamonds that completely fill the entire body of the headpiece. The circa 1890 tiara passed into the possession of Queen Elizabeth II on the death of her grandmother in 1953.

    Another remarkable diamond encrusted tiara in the possession of the current Queen of England is a diamond and aquamarine piece crafted in 1957 to house several stones given to the Queen as gifts. The central stone was from a pendant given by the President and People of Brazil, while the scroll ornamentation holds stones presented by the Governor of Sao Paulo. The rest of the tiara is crafted of platinum and surrounded with hundreds of diamonds that fill the decorative scrollwork and patterns. Several of the diamond scrolls are removable in order to be worn as incredibly delicate and beautiful brooches.

    Other astounding royal diamond tiaras in the hands of Britain’s rulers have included the “Girls of Great Britain and Ireland” tiara given to Queen Mary in 1893 as wedding gift upon her marriage to King George V.

    Another of Queen Mary’s tiaras recently made headlines when it was loaned by Queen Elizabeth II to her daughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cornwall (better known as Camilla Parker Bowles) for a formal occasion at Buckingham Palace. The “Durbar” tiara had been worn by Queen Mary to celebrate the coronation of her husband King George V. The tiara is a circlet of brilliant-cut diamonds set in a gold and platinum band. The tiara was made in 1911 for the formal celebrations in Durbar, India.

    Perhaps one of the most well-known tiaras is the one depicted in the famous painting by Jacques-Louis David of the crowing of the Empress Josephine by her husband Napoleon Bonaparte. In the image we see Napoleon holding a royal crown above the head of his wife, but she is still wearing her diadem, or tiara. Made in 1804 for her coronation, it stayed in the hands of the French Republic after her divorce and the end of Napoleon’s reign. In 1887 the government decided to sell off many of its treasures and the tiara was included in the sale. It was purchased by a major jewelry manufacturing and design house, where it is on display today in Paris, France.

    So, whether you are having a bad hair day, are attending a major event, or just want to feel like a Queen, look to these great tiaras for inspiration.

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