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    Jun 21

    532px-Alluvial_diamond_miner_Sierra_Leone_2005The mining of diamonds is a difficult process that takes place in many countries throughout the world. Diamond mines are found by excavation and research of the surrounding areas to see if they are present using sophisticated testing equipment. The earth is crushed in an attempt to uncover the raw diamonds for use in jewelry and for industrial work. Saw bits and other cutting tools often use diamonds as they are one of the hardest materials available and any stones not large enough to use in jewelry are used for these purposes. Polishes are often made with diamonds as the diamond material can easily handle the polishing of hard steels. Overall, the diamond industry is very large and helps employ thousands of people across the world in various sectors including heavy industry and jewelry retail. DeBeers, a diamond company, has made it its mission to put the diamond in the spotlight.

    Diamonds are traditionally used in engagement rings, but are also seen in necklaces and earrings. Many of the larger, jewelry quality diamonds are found in Africa. As Africa is a very poor country, many have tried to take advantage of the diamond trade in these areas and have used diamonds to pay for violence in many of the mining areas. Rebels steal the diamonds and use the money for their sale to buy weapons and pay bribes to government officials. The Kimberley Process was created to attempt to put a stop to the violence by restricting the selling and buying of conflict diamonds. Kimberley Process certifiers must make certain that diamonds are mined legally and without any illegal interference in areas where violence has been eliminated. If violence occurs at a mine, many diamonds are confiscated until the violence subsides.

    There are many other people involved in the fight against conflict diamonds and it is imperative that the process be monitored at all times to prevent the selling of these blood diamonds as they often called. Recently, Farai Maguwu turned himself in as a result of misinformation given by him to a Kimberley Process monitor. Some of those fighting to end the oppression and fighting in the mines can get over-zealous and although their intentions are noble, shoot themselves in the foot by claiming things happened that never did in this case. The process must be fair by all parties, so overall honesty must be maintained by all parties as there is a lot of money exchanged in the sale of any large quantity of diamonds. His brother has also been detained for questioning regarding the matter and his cousin has been arrested as well and has been charged with obstructing justice.

    Once we are able to eradicate the violence that surrounds the diamond trade in parts of Africa, these mines can legally sell diamonds and make money for the poor in the area. The mines could really change the lives of the people in those areas and provide a better life for all of those involved, which is the ultimate goal in all of this.

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