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    Mar 12

    untitled-46.jpgOnly 20 percent of all the diamonds mined in the whole world each year are considered gem quality. This is because only that percentage of all diamonds mined show elevated standards of beauty and excellence, qualities that are required in making jewelry. The majority of diamonds mined are actually only industrial quality diamonds. These diamonds are deemed unworthy to be made into jewelry. Instead, they are valued for their hardness and their ability to conduct heat.

    To be considered gem quality, diamonds must exhibit high levels of clarity. This ranges from flawless to having small visible particles. On the other hand, industrial quality diamonds have very low clarity and contain several inclusions. There are diamonds classified between gem quality and industrial quality, these are called near-gem quality diamonds. These types of diamonds can either be used as jewelry or for industrial purposes. Near gem quality diamonds possess a clarity level between having a few to having several inclusions.

    The rarity of gem quality diamonds is the reason why diamond jewelry is very expensive. Diamond in general is already rare but of the total number of diamonds mined, only a small percentage are gem quality that can be made into beautiful jewelry, so the price is very high, especially for large diamonds.

    The gem diamond industry is a large one. Unlike precious metals though such as gold or platinum, diamonds are not traded as commodity but are sold as a retail product. Through the years, one name has been closely associated with the gem diamond industry. That name is De Beers. De Beers is specially known for its very successful marketing campaign which has associated diamonds with celebrities, royalties and a lavish lifestyle. De Beers’ slogan that says “a diamond is forever” is one that is almost universally acknowledged. De Beers is also credited for reviving the American market for diamonds.

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