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    Mar 13

    untitled-64.jpgDiamonds are very popular items in the United States. Both women and men know the value of a diamond and spend millions of dollars a year buying diamonds and diamond jewelry for loved ones. It is just as incredible that there have been only two active diamond mines in our storied history and only one of them is currently active.The Crater of Diamonds is a dig for a fee diamond mine in Arkansas and is the only active diamond mine in the US. Many people take the pilgrimage to this mine to try to find a large, valuable diamond. Although this mine does not produce many diamonds compared to other sites around the world, some very notable diamonds have been found at this site. One was the Strawn Wagner diamond: a 3.03 carat rough that was eventually cut down to a 1.09 round brilliant. It stands as the only diamond graded as perfect by the American Gem Society.

    The only other diamond mine that was ever active in the US is the Kelsey Lake diamond mine in Colorado. This site was 8,000 feet above sea level near the Wyoming border, when active in June 1996 and eventually went bankrupt in the year 2000. This mine has since been abandoned.

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