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    Start with a Diamond
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    Sep 23

    excellcior-diamond.jpgAlthough it is not completely clear when the traditions of wedding and anniversary gifts began, there is evidence that shows the 25th and 50th years, the silver and golden anniversaries, where practiced in medieval Europe by the Germans when they gifted to each other silver and gold garlands on their anniversary. After that time, the list of materials and items associated with each anniversary was only followed on the first anniversary and major anniversary years following that year. The history links back to the beliefs that when certain substances or materials are combined with a specific number of years it will bring good luck. The American National Retail Jewelery Association, however, determined that a full list need to be created to include every year up to year 15 and every five years following the 15th. This new list was incorporated in 1937 and has followed ever since, though some changes have been made over the years. Originally designed to power retailers with a list of items to purchase for each anniversary, the list has turned into a traditional means of getting your spouse something new and different for each anniversary.

    Upon reviewing the history of the diamond anniversary, however, you will quickly realize that there are two diamond anniversary years and that couples have a long way to go before they reach that year. The original celebration of the diamond anniversary was the 75th year. By the 75th year, couples have already exchanged gifts of gold, silver, ruby, pearl, china, crystal, and many more. The 75th year is the last year in which a specific gift is allocated for that year.

    In 1897, when Queen Victoria celebrated her 60th anniversary of accession to the throne, she dubbed the event her Diamond Jubilee. Since that even, couples have begun to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary with diamond gifts as well. This is believed to be for a number of reasons, including Queen Victoria’s celebration and the fact that many couples are no longer able to get to 75 years because of health issues as well as the fact that they are marrying much later in life.

    In an age of rising divorce rates and couples that never marry, the commitment of a couple to make it through another year is always a monumental event. Therefore, no matter what year a couple celebrates, the recommended gifts are designed to pay homage to the year that has passed, including the good and bad times and the easy and hard times, and bring the couple luck in the year(s) to come.

    While gifts for the diamond anniversary can get quite expensive, it is not always necessary. A little creative planning and shopping can help you pick out a gift with diamonds for any price range. However, by the time you reach 60 and/or 75 years of marriage, it may be time to splurge on the one who has help carry you through several decades of your life. But, after 60 years together, how much you spend on a gift really is not going to be what shows them how much you still care.

    With that in mind, many people pick up diamond jewelry items for their diamond anniversary. From diamond rings to necklaces to watches, diamonds truly make for a memorable gift. Matching diamond gifts, like watches with diamond accents, can also be an appropriate gift in which each person gets the other a diamond gift for their anniversary. Many watches come as a set and therefore can guarantee that the watches match with no problems. In addition to jewelry, there are also different furnishings and home accents which have diamonds. Although these may not be as practical as other gifts, they may be exactly what the person wanted.

    Since the beginning, the list of gifts for the diamond anniversary, as well as those leading up to it, has only meant to provide a source of information for the couple. But, as time went on, more parties were thrown to celebrate milestone years and more children wanted to celebrate their parent’s anniversary with a gift. As such, more and more people began adopting the list of gift ideas as a crutch for picking gifts out for other people. Now the list, when followed, serves a reminder for anyone that while marriage can be hard work, it is well worth it to invest your time and energy.

    Before you purchase a gift for your spouse, keep in mind the traditions of the diamond anniversary, as well as other major milestone anniversaries as a way to get unique gifts for your spouse on each and every year you are married. By doing so, you will create special memories and provide others with creative ideas for celebrating their anniversary for years to come.

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