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    Jul 30

    800px-Diamond_ring_by_Jennifer_DickertIf you have happily bought a diamond ring for yourself or to gift it to the person of your dreams then this move could turn into a nightmare if you find out that the diamond is a fake. However, if you know the right manner in how to test your diamond ring then you could get an assurance that you have paid the right amount for your ring or even catch your crooked jewelry dealer in unethical action.

    The price of a diamond is based on its clarity and purity. A flawless diamond devoid of any spots, blemishes or imperfections will be priced astronomically. Thus any diamond ring that you buy will surely have a microscopic flaw unless you are ready to pay a very high price. However, cubic zirconia diamonds that are in reality lab created diamonds can easily be created without any flaws. Although it originally started out in the fashion industry as alternative jewelry so that people that wanted to gift inexpensive diamonds could buy these real-looking diamonds at an extremely cheap price, it has also been hijacked to a small extent by unscrupulous dealers out to make a fast buck. If you are buying a diamond ring or have recently bought one then it is time to subject it to a battery of tests to confirm if you indeed have paid for a real diamond or a fake that has near-identical properties but hardly costs anything in comparison.

    You can conduct a few simple tests in the jewelry shop or in your home itself. A visual inspection will help you to clear some of the doubts although thorough testing will most certainly be required to get actual proof. You can start out by cleaning your ring with water so as to remove any oily contaminants on it. Blow on your ring as you would on your spectacles. If the diamond is a cubic zirconia or as people falsely call it cubic zirconium it will fog over and remain in that state for several seconds. However, if it is a real diamond then it will not fog since a real diamond dissipates heat instantly. Similarly, if you heat up your diamond ring then since real diamond is a good conductor of heat it will allow heat to pass through it, while its deceptive cousin which is a bad conductor will stop the heat from passing through.

    A simple weight test will also expose the truth. A cubic zirconia or CZ diamond weighs almost double than that of a real diamond. Since one carat of a diamond weighs .2 grams, a simple calculation based on the carat of your diamond or a simple comparison test with another diamond that is similar in size will quickly clear your mind. A magnifying glass will also help out to notice flaws present in real diamonds as a CZ diamond will surely be flawless. There are other tests such as scratching a piece of glass or trying to read through your diamond but these might only end up damaging your diamond ring or result in confusion. While these are tests that can be done by almost anybody, they may not be able to paint a very clear picture on the status of your diamond. This is where you let professionals take on the job of verifying your precious diamond.

    For testing diamonds on a technical level you will need to seek out a diamond dealer or jewelry store that can conduct a hardness test and a test to determine the true refractive index of the diamond. Since real diamond is harder than CZ diamond, it will show a perfect 10 in the hardness test while cubic zirconia will display a level of approximately 9. In the refractive index test too, a real diamond should display a reading of around 2.4 while its poor-but-rich-looking counterpart will display a reading of around 2.2. These professional tests will provide you with the sweet or bitter answer, which in turn could save you from a lot of heartburn at a later date.

    It is imperative that you know the right techniques of how to test your diamond ring since there is a huge price difference between real and fake diamond, although they both look exactly the same to a naked eye. If you have paid big money or have your hand in your pocket to dole out the money then it is important that you get a real diamond instead of one that was conceived in a lab.

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