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    Jan 24

    Britney SpearsCelebrity engagements tend to fizzle before they get to the altar, but the rumors aren’t always true. For one thing, the ring is not always returned. If she’s still out and about flashing the bling, it can be hard to know if it’s really over or if it’s just another celebrity fabrication. In some cases, the jilted bride may even keep the ring thinking she has some sort of claim on it while others will simply do it out of spite . Regardless of the reason, the public is often left wondering as to whether or not they are really over.

    Britney Spears Returns Ring

    In case Jason Trawick or her fans aren’t sure, the engagement is officially over. Spears returned the $90,000 ring to Trawick reassuring everyone that they are to remain friends. It might have been tempting to keep the 3.5 carat Neil Lane diamond engagement ring, but returning it leaves no room for gossip.

    Other Celebrity Breakups

    Other celebrity couples that have parted don’t make as clear of a statement. Taylor Swift is no longer engaged to Harry Styles and it’s rumored that Justin Bieber is no longer engaged to Selena Gomez either. As long as she keeps the ring, it may be hard to know exactly whether the wedding is on or off. Sometimes celebrities marry even after they claim they’ve split, like Hugh Hefner. In the land of make-believe no one really knows what to believe when it comes to celebrity engagements. One thing is certain, once that ring comes off and it gets mailed back, it’s likely the show is over for good.

    [Photo Credit: Jen]

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