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    Nov 16

    Uma ThurmanWho can forget the bride scene in the series “Kill Bill”? Uma Thurman may be on her way to the altar again, this time in real life. Uma has a way of making tongues wag, but this time it has less to do with being shocking or beautiful as it has to do with a ring that looks suspiciously like a diamond engagement ring, but one that she’s choosing to wear on her right hand instead. She’s been spotted around town wearing the huge bauble, and even was gracious enough to show it off when she unveiled BMW’s new I8 Roadster. It certainly was tough to hide as she got out of the car, and whipped the media into a camera frenzy when they spotted it.

    Stars Do Things Differently

    While it may seem a big surprise, actually Uma Thurman has been engaged once before to the very same person now suspected of gifting her with the ring. Financier Arpad Busson, Uma’s long-time partner, were together in 2007 and engaged, but broke it off in 2009. Since then, they’ve gotten back together in 2011 and conceived a daughter named Rosalind Thurman-Busson. So, why the big cover-up? In the same way that stars time their life-events on their own terms, they also like to try to keep a little privacy and normalcy for themselves. Uma is not the first star to wear her possible engagement ring on her right hand and even deny rumors if asked directly. It’s just a way to keep the media off track, and it rarely works. The press only has to spot a ring worn anywhere or even hanging off a chain, and the rumors start to fly.

    Is it an Engagement Ring?

    Until the star confirms it, it’s still up in the air. However, if it looks like bling, and walks like bling, it’s probably bling – especially in Hollywood. Most stars opt for very large diamond engagement rings, the bigger the better and this one is doozy. Right-hand rings tend to be more understated. Until the ring gets moved to the left-hand ring finger, though, it’s anyone’s guess if and when the wedding will take place.

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