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    Feb 07

    Paparazi are Everywhere!

    Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, is fast approaching and ladies everywhere are dreaming of what their guys will be getting them. Some potential gifts include sweet chocolates, lingerie, sappy sentimental cards and, maybe, a gorgeous diamond ring for the very lucky lady. On Valentine’s Day, celebrities love to pamper their significant others and some might even pop the BIG question.  One thing is certain, on February 15th the paparazzi will be ogling the left hand of every eligible bachelorette in Hollywood; trying to snatch the first photo of the luscious jewel and reveal that another celebrity couple is headed down the aisle.

    Not An Easy Task

    Besides the fact that celebrities have a knack for hiding their engagements, modern tastes can make it more difficult to spot an engagement ring. Plenty of leading ladies will wear diamond fashion rings even when they’re not engaged. Kelly Osbourne, for instance, was spotted wearing a ring but claimed it was just a fashion statement and that she is not engaged. To make matters even more arduous for enterprising cameramen, celebrities will often go against the grain to stand out. Engagement rings can come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors; many celebrities are ditching the traditional diamond center stone to pursue a more unique and personal band. Jessica Simpson’s ring, for example, has a ruby in the center. Simpson’s fiance did not cheap out by going with the ruby center stone, the ring is still valued at a rumored $250,000. Celebrities have a few other tricks up their sleeves as well, like not wearing their ring on their left hand or simply not wearing a ring at all.

    Valentine’s Day: The Equalizer

    Valentine’s Day can give ring-spotters an edge on the usual secrecy of celebrity betrothals. Serious couples with on-going relationships will often celebrate the holiday together, and many love-struck beaus will choose Valentine’s Day to propose.  This regularity makes it easier to predict who might be popping the question than other times of the year when engagements are more of a surprise. Even with the element of surprise ruined, celebrities are still very good at keeping engagements hidden and some may slip through the cracks. Either way, you can be sure that some of Hollywood’s couples will be freshly engaged come February 15th.

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