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    Feb 12

    Kanye and KimFrom the spectacular 72-day marriage fail to previous Mr. Kardashian Kris Humphries, to the baby bump that appeared after Kim started dating Kanye West; Kim Kardashian always seems to instigate gossip whenever something new happens in her personal life. Well, that trend is continuing; KimYe may be headed down the aisle – after Kim’s divorce, of course. Even though her divorce with Kris has not been finalized, and polygamy is illegal, Kim wasn’t afraid of sporting her brand new ring in a picture  posted on Twitter.

    A Ring With No Bling

    Does the ring mean Kanye and Kim are tying the knot? The ring isn’t a traditional diamond ring and with Kim’s previous marriage not yet officially ended, don’t expect any vows just yet. Not to worry though, celebrities rarely follow tradition and seem to have their own set of guidelines for what constitutes an engagement. Want to show you’re taken? Just put a ring with your lover’s initials on your finger! That’s what Kim has done and is proudly displaying the ring on her left ring finger; as if to announce she’s taken. Unlike tattoos, luckily, rings aren’t permanently attached. If the two decide to call it quits after the baby is born, all she’ll have to do is slip off the ring and move on.

    Who’s the Baby Daddy?

    As far as anyone knows, it’s Kanye West’s baby. That might be the reason Kim Kardashian is in a big hurry to get divorced and remarried. IT isn’t all roses in the world of KimYe, however. The pregnancy seems to be having a negative impact on their budding romance despite the fact that KimYe is in full nesting mode. Additionally, there are rumors that the ex-groom may be holding up the proceedings. That seems fair considering Kim did say “yes”, even if she said “no” very shortly thereafter. If Kris Humphries manages to hold up the nuptials long enough with his divorce demands, Kim and Kanye may not ever make it down the aisle.

    Officially Not Official

    Is Kim’s new accessory an engagement ring? In the sophomoric antics of reality stars, it’s at best a promise ring.  While there is no law against getting engaged while you’re still married, hints that the couple is “engaged” can’t truly be confirmed until the divorce is finalized. We might end up seeing the baby long before we know if Kanye actually popped the question. So where’s the real engagement ring? Celebrity gossips suggest the promise ring will be replaced with a big diamond. West might have gotten a clue from Humphries $2 million engagement ring, which Kim decided to keep despite the short marriage. Perhaps Kanye is holding up the engagement to protect his assets in case Kim decides to make a quick exit again.

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