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    Feb 28

    Christina RicciFlashy engagement rings have been the trend in Hollywood for years. Celebrities try to out do each other with bigger diamond or  more unique settings. From huge 4 carat stones to bright red rubies, if it’s in Hollywood it has to get noticed. For the rest of us, it isn’t easy to keep up with the lavish trends of Hollywood. Your average fan doesn’t have a million dollars to spend on a ring. If you just have to have the latest in Hollywood trends then Christina Ricci’s new ring might be more within your budget. Ricci’s beautiful ring is smaller and exudes class; a direction that more of Hollywood might emulate this year.

    Back to Classic

    The three-stones on Ricci’s ring are set in yellow gold, a nod to traditional values and classic sensibilities. The three stones symbolize the past (when you first fell in love), the present (every day you spend together) and the future (till death do you part). Although a large, flashy stone seems more befitting to such a glamorous lifestyle, Ricci and newly found fiance James Heerdegen, have decided to stick to tradition when it comes to their big day.

    Will Others Follow Suit?

    A classic look in a modern world may bring a lot of attention but will it bring change to the trends of Hollywood? Modern tastes tend to prefer angular cut stones set in white gold or platinum; Ricci’s ring looks back to a time when round, proportionate stones were the norm. A big diamond may draw a lot of attention, but if everyone is doing it then it’s no longer special. Celebrities are constantly doing all they can to distinguish themselves from their peers; a traditional ring seems a smart way to distinguish yourself when everyone else is going for big and flashy.

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