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    Feb 21

    Oscar AwardThe first Academy Awards ceremony took place on May 16, 1929 honoring the best films of 1927 and 1928. Only 270 people attended and the ceremony lasted nearly 15 minutes, very different from what it is today. Now, people from all over the world gather for this big event, whether at the location itself or to watch it from their couches at home. The Academy Awards have become one of the most popular events in history; a time to honor the men and women who have touched us through motion pictures. We have tough choices ahead of us this year with excellent nominations from each category; however, one must triumph above the others and claim their coveted prize – the Oscar. Here’s our predictions for who the Oscar will go to:

    Actor in Leading Role

    In Lincoln, Daniel Day-Lewis does a phenomenal job of taking you back to a time of internal strife; he fights to liberate the slaves and preserve the union in his role as Abraham Lincoln during the final few months before his assassination. This is Daniel’s fifth Academy Award nomination and, we believe, his third victory.

    Actress in Leading Role

    In the movie The Impossible, Naomi Watts portrays a wife and mother (Maria) fighting to survive after a frightening tsunami hits Southeast Asia. Watts’ interpretation of love, bravery and despair puts her a step above the rest of the field for us.

    Actor in Supporting Role

    Winner of the 2009 award in the same category for the movie Inglorious Bastards; Christoph Waltz captures the audience yet again in his latest movie – Django Unchained. Waltz plays Dr. Schultz, a German bounty hunter who uses a slave to help him with his dirty work. More than adequate for his part, we think Christoph is a sure winner compared to the other supporting role nominees.

    Actress in Supporting Role

    Definitely no longer the Princess of Genovia,  Anne Hathaway’s role in Les Misérables shows just how far she’s come. In this modern revival of the classic heart-wrenching musical, Hathaway plays Fantine, a mother who struggles to provide for her daughter after losing her job at the factory. Her sadness is beautifully, and hauntingly, portrayed as she longs for a time of change. While her acting was wonderful, it’s her musical performance that really sets Hathaway apart from the other candidates.

    Animated Film

    Brave, this year’s offering from animation power-house Pixar, is a story of a princess who cares more about riding and shooting than meeting her prince charming. Will this princess’ bravery be enough to win best-animated film at the Oscars this weekend? If Box Office is right, then this movie appears the favorite of this year’s animated nominees with the highest opening weekend and highest gross. It also grabs our pick for Best Animated Film.


    Michael Haneke does an amazing job of showing us how love is severely tested in Amour. A film like this requires an authentic hand to be told successfully, which Haneke did naturally. His love for film helped him to direct this incredible picture and may yet lead him to victory in the upcoming Oscar. Haneke is our choice for Director on Oscar night.

    Music (Original Score)

    One of the best-known and celebrated composers in film history, John Williams has been nominated yet again in this year’s Oscars. Williams has been nominated an earth-shattering forty-eight times and hopes to claim his sixth victory. With his ability to captivate audiences through music, we believe that the Oscar he wins for Lincoln will look real nice next to the ones he won for Fiddler on the Roof, Jaws, Star Wars, E.T. and Schindler’s List.

    Writing (Original Scrrenplay)

    From elegant one-liners, to palpable action that leaves you on the edge of your seat to that one really awkward scene (you know the one), Wes Anderson’s story of young love, adventure and companionship fuel Moonlight Kingdom to the top of our list for Original Screenplay.

    Best Picture

    Incredible acting, splendid writing, heart touching music; best picture has to have them all. We had a tough time picking this year’s finest film; the one which will go down in history amongst the greatest films of all time. In the end, it had to be Lincoln.  Full of hardships, emotion and truth, Lincoln captivates audiences and brims with authenticity, dazzles with it’s costumes, captures you with it’s score and acting, and is marvelously directed. That is why we believe Lincoln will stand tall on Oscar night.

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