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    Feb 27

    untitled-28.jpgA watch is probably one of the most important accessories of both men and women. Why not? It reminds a person of their appointments, schedules, and what usual things he does at a particular time. It is said that successful people are those who are conscious of time. Imagine any successful businessman or CEO not looking at his watch. It is probably beyond imagination because time is important to them, and so are their watches. For these people, watches do not just remind them of the time; watches also show off how rich and wealthy they are! Continue reading »

    Jan 04

    Diamonds are no doubt a woman’s best friend. The facts are that diamonds are bought mostly for women in the form of elegant rings, earrings, and necklaces. But many men wear diamond jewelry and these items have been increasing in popularity in recent years. Continue reading »

    Oct 19

    Citizen is planning to expand further in the United States. To help accomplish that goal the Japanese watchmaker has recently announced its plans to purchase Bulova Corp for a whopping $247 million. The sale is expected to take place in January; at which time Citizen hopes they will be able to expand their watch market.

    Oct 12

    It was not until after World War II that men started to wear jewelry. Today it is very common to find men wearing at least one piece of jewelry in addition to a nice timepiece, but with new jewelry settings emerging that are geared towards men, will this change? The most common precious metals that have been used in the past for jewelry settings for men are platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver; however, a recent study by the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council shows the jewelry that the has been bought more regularly for men are made of metals such as stainless steel and titanium. Continue reading »

    Sep 17

    800px-platinum_nuggets.jpgPlatinum is one of the strongest and most non-corrosive precious metals available to the industrial world today. It is for this reason that platinum is utilized for everything from catalytic converters in automobiles to dental fillings. It is, however, the use of platinum in diamond jewelry that has captured the interest of most of the consumer public. What is it about platinum that makes it so appealing for use in such a jewelry item as the diamond band? Continue reading »

    Sep 14

    goldbands2.jpgEngagement rings are used in today’s society as a symbol of love. A man will show a woman just how much they love them and they will tell a woman that they want to spend the rest of their lives with her by giving her an engagement ring. Continue reading »

    Aug 15

    weddingband.jpgThere is not a day that goes by that you do not see or hear an advertisement for wedding rings. These advertisements are always mentioning how a woman loves diamonds and how a diamond wedding ring will make her the happiest woman in the world. There is some truth to these advertisements, but there are never any advertisements that mention men’s wedding rings. Continue reading »

    Jul 24

    bling.jpgIt wasn’t until recently that it became popular for men to wear diamonds.  More today than ever before you will find that diamonds are a hot commodity item in the jewelry industry for men.  From rappers to business men, it seems that the allure of the diamond has caught on with the men like it did so many centuries ago with the ladies. Continue reading »

    Jul 20

    titanium-rings.jpg If you are soon to be married then you are probably finding that picking out mens wedding bands may be a little more difficult than choosing womens wedding bands. Continue reading »

    Jul 12

    Everyone has heard the saying “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Now diamonds can also be a man’s best friend too. It used to be frowned upon for a man to wear a lot of elaborate jewelry, but in today’s society, you cannot walk down the street without seeing a gentleman wearing some sort of diamond jewelry.

    Like many trends, the trend of men wearing more jewelry started with celebrities. You would see pictures of male celebrities in magazines wearing diamond earrings, diamond necklaces and diamond watches. You could also see celebrities showing off their “bling” at awards show and on other television appearances.

    So now when it is time to shop for a gift for birthdays or Father’s Day, you can consider buying the man in your life diamond jewelry instead of another neck tie. Many of the younger generation likes to wear diamond stud earrings, but maybe you are shopping for some one that is a little older and does not think that men should even be wearing earrings. The solution for him could be a diamond watch. Men have always been seen with watches from the times of gold pocket watches to the current wrist watch, but you do not want to buy him a plain watch do you? Get him something that is very elegant and makes a statement. Everyone owns plain watches, but there are not many people who own diamond watches.

    Do not think that it is only appropriate to give diamond jewelry to women. In today’s society, you can give diamond jewelry as a gift to both women and men.