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    Oct 10

    This fall, it’s all about geometric shapes and designs. Triangles are eye catching, and studs and spikes are full of flair, but don’t stop there! Rectangles, arrows, squares, semi-circles, any jewelry that is structured and symmetrical is the look you want. Cutesy mustaches, prints and woodland creatures are OUT. Go for more  sophisticated pieces. So take off the long draping necklaces and vaguely hippie dangly earrings and opt for something more distinctive. Continue reading »

    Sep 19

    If you were stranded on a desert island, what jewelry would you bring?

    Granted, if you were to be stranded on a desert island the last thing you’d probably think about is jewelry. You would probably choose a life raft, a sat phone, or possible Bear Grylls. But, if you WERE going to be stranded on a desert island, and had to pare your jewelry collection down, what would you keep? The ideal desert island collection should be stylish and versatile enough that any two pieces can be selected and they will go together beautifully.

    Here are some jewelry essentials no lady should ever be without, desert island or not. Continue reading »

    Sep 03

    Your jewelry should say something about you. The best accessories are ones that highlight and bring out your personality. Everyone is different, and so everyone’s style should also be different. Don’t follow a trend, just pick out gorgeous pieces that reflect your individuality.

    One way people are setting themselves apart is with animal themed jewelry. Birds, cats, dogs, fish, even insects are being used as designs and patterns for some incredible new jewelry. No matter what kind of personality you have, there’s an animal that represents it. You don’t have to use the term ”spirit animal” if you don’t want to, but think about the one animal that really speaks to you.

    Now you can use that animal to enhance your accessories, and give your look a little shot of something wild. Continue reading »

    Aug 30

    Detroit is not exactly known for its beauty. It’s a hard working blue collar town, formerly the backbone of the American auto industry. But now it’s also known for something else – something colorful and magical that has started to creep into the world of jewelry.

    It’s called Fordite, but is also known as Detroit Agate, Motor City Agate, or Motor Agate. It was born, quite by accident, in the depths of the old auto factories. And since there is a limited supply of it, it may be gone before you ever have the chance to wear it. Continue reading »

    Aug 23

    Maybe instead of the saying “The meek shall inherit the earth” it should be “the geek shall inherit the earth.” No longer restricted to being picked on in high school and ignored in college, nerds are taking over our culture.

    The biggest show on tv right now is The Big Bang Theory, a sitcom about socially inept geeks. Two of the hottest movies of the summer – Now You See Me and Star Trek into Darkness – featured prominent nerds Jesse Eisenberg and Zachary Quinto. And once again, video gaming is more popular than ever.

    It was only a matter of time before nerd culture invaded the world of jewelry. And it has – big time. Continue reading »

    Aug 20

    Faux pas is French for “false step,” and for 300 years English speakers have used it to describe when someone breaks a social custom or displays poor etiquette.

    There are social faux pas. There are fashion faux pas. And there are the kind we are going to tackle today – jewelry faux pas.

    Always remember that jewelry is like a spotlight – for better or worse, it’s going to draw attention to that area. If you are wearing a dazzling diamond ring or a tennis bracelet, make sure your hands and nails are well groomed. If you’re going to wear an anklet or a toe ring, make sure your feet are neat and pretty. In other words, don’t draw attention to something that isn’t worth looking at! Continue reading »

    Aug 13

    What is evening jewelry?

    It’s like the old adage about art “you’ll know it when you see it.” But the truth is, not all jewelry is created equal: some pieces are good to wear any time, any place, but others are special, and need to be worn when appropriate.

    Perhaps your antique ruby brooch is a show-stealing piece of eye candy, that doesn’t mean it’s good to wear to work. You are in love with your dangly emerald earrings, but still you wouldn’t want to wear them to a family outing to WalMart.

    Daytime jewelry is worn for function and simplicity, whereas evening jewelry is all about style. But with proper accessorizing, you can look spectacular any time of day. Continue reading »

    Aug 02

    If the invitation says “formal dress” do you know what that means? What about “semi formal” or “casual”? Each of these types of events has a particular code of etiquette, dictating what is acceptable to wear, and how to properly accessorize.

    Of course, these “rules” of etiquette aren’t really rules at all, but more like generally accepted standards. Each and every event is different and special, so if you have concerns its best to check with whoever is throwing the vent. But these are the general rules of thumb, that will keep you from wearing the wrong thing. Continue reading »

    Jul 23

    There are many different skin colors, but only two skin tones: cool, and warm.

    Knowing what skin tone you have is important to your overall look. It will help you figure out what colors will look best on you, and which jewelry you should wear; how to not look washed out and how to properly let your jewelry stand out. Having a flattering color palette is a must for anyone who wants to look fabulous. Continue reading »

    Jul 11

    Every piece of jewelry means something, but there are times when a piece needs a little something extra. Maybe it’s for a special occasion, to mark a life changing event, or a gift for a person you just couldn’t live without. But sometimes you need jewelry that is unique and special in all the world.

    Customized and personalized jewelry is not always as expensive and hard to find as people think.

    Engraving and Script

    The most common form of personalization is engraving. Many jewelers will engrave a ring or necklace for you for free if you purchase it from them, and will engrave anything else for a modest fee. Using names, symbols, or important dates is a simple way to make a unique piece that much more special.

    You can’t go wrong with a nameplate necklace, but some modern thinking young ladies have started putting their Twitter handle on the plate instead! Or take a traditional look and get an acrylic monogrammed script necklace or pendant using only your initials. Initial rings are also a nice twist on the classic scripted-letters look.

    QR Codes

    The coolest new trend in customized jewelry are QR codes. You know those little squares of white and black patterns you scan with your phone at the grocery store and the movie theater? Jewelers and hand-crafters are incorporating them into rings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets!

    With a QR code, the sky’s the limit. You decide what information or message you want hidden in the code, which will be unique and designed just for you. You can use your phone number or a personal message, or you can link to your website, Twitter feed, or YouTube channel. When anyone uses their smartphone to scan the code, it will show them just what you want.

    As cool as QR code jewelry is, make sure you’re getting jewelry and not just a gimmick. Some places sell a “necklace” that is simply a QR code on a string. Shop around, these items are becoming easier to find, and get something that’s both tech-savvy and fabulous.

    Try It Yourself

    By making simple tweaks you can create your own custom pieces! Try layering several coordinating necklaces, then tying them together with a pretty piece of lace or a strip of interesting fabric.

    Also, think about how to rework things you already have. That pretty brooch can be fastened to a necklace. A piece of colorful, fun costume jewelry can be pinned to a plain purse.  Do something unique like using big, vintage post-style earrings and use them to cuff your jeans. Wrap a long necklace around your wrist a few times and voila, you have a new bracelet!

    Need some more ideas? Here are 168 thousand of them!