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    Oct 04

    Can objects be cursed, or haunted? Everyone has heard about ghosts, spirits and things that go bump in the night, and everyone understands what a haunted house is. But what about a haunted diamond? Can a beautiful piece of jewelry actually carry a curse from one owner to the next?

    Before you make up your mind, listen to the tale of the Hope Diamond, the most famously infamous diamond in the world.

    History of the Hope

    The origins of the Hope Diamond are shrouded in mystery. Historical records give parts of the story, and yet there are long periods where no one knows where the diamond was, or who had it. Because of a lack of facts, a mythology has arisen around the cursed gemstone.

    It is believed the diamond first came to Europe from India by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier. Some claim he purchased the stone, but legend says he stole the massive diamond from the eye of a statue of the goddess Sita. Tavernier took the so-called Tavernier Blue to France, where he sold it to King Louis XIV. Continue reading »

    Sep 27

    Would you like to make history? All it takes is $60 million and you could take home the biggest, most expensive, and most gorgeous pink diamond in the history of the world. You could even name it if you wanted, although it’s hard to top the handle it already has – The Pink Star.

    Pink diamonds are among the most rare and sought after in the world. About 90% of the worlds pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Australia, but they have also been found in India and Brazil. Along with black and red, pink is one of the most elusive colors for diamonds. Continue reading »

    Aug 29

    Marie Antoinette is one of the most colorful and fascinating figures in history. Her life is the stuff of legends… and so was her opulent jewelry collection. She owned the Hope diamond, and the Hortensia. At the coronation of her husband as King Louis XVI of France, she wore the 140-carat Regent diamond on her hat.

    This was a woman who knew the incredible power of jewelry. She did not know that her diamond-studded lifestyle was spurring resentment and anger among her subjects, who were struggling to buy a loaf of bread. Her massive collection of stylish jewels would play a role in engendering the bloody French Revolution, and would also live on past the Queen.

    The stunning jewels of Marie Antoinette have been scattered throughout the world, some lost forever, others hidden, and still others traveling famously. Her diamonds, and her pearls, would build a legacy of their own. Continue reading »

    Mar 12

    Big blue diamondA jewelry store called Bernie Robbins has reportedly cut and sold a gigantic 30 carat diamond. Unlike many other huge rocks, this one was not intended as an engagement ring; you don’t have to be getting married to get a huge diamond, after all. Gigantic stones, by themselves or set into jewelry, are always available to those with copious cash; whether weddings bell are ringing or not. Big rocks can make big impressions on any and all special occasions, if you can afford the price tag. Continue reading »

    May 08

    It is not every day that a four hundred year old diamond is put under the hammer. However, as this is the case, the auction of the legendary diamond, Beau Sancy, can be expected to draw a lot of dreamers and admirers when it is held in May. In simplest of words, the Beau Sancy is one of the oldest and most famous diamonds of the world. It has been an object of affection for many celebrities and luminaries in the past four hundred years. Fortunately, on May 14, someone lucky and very rich will get his or her hands on one of the most coveted diamonds in the world. Continue reading »

    Apr 30
    Photo by Joelle Maslaton

    April 28 - Penelope Cruz

    Numerous cultures all over the world believe in the mystical properties of gemstones or birthstones. The common belief amongst the masses is simply that a person who wears his birthstone would gain benefits derived from metaphysical connections between the stone, the time of his birth and his health or luck. The core principle driving the significance of birthstones is connected to astrology where every month is assigned a particular type of birthstone. While each month has its own specific gemstone, people who were born in the month of April are especially lucky because their gemstone is the most coveted gemstone in the world i.e. the diamond. Continue reading »

    Mar 09
    This is a photograph of the Lennard River in t...

    Image via Wikipedia

    Australia has recorded the discovery of the biggest pink diamond ever found in the country. The discovery is significant because pink diamonds are considered by many people as extremely rare which also makes them quite expensive. As per reports, the rare and huge pink diamond was discovered by Rio Tinto which is a mining giant from the country. Continue reading »

    Mar 06

    Sancy Diamond There are a number of high quality diamonds in the world. Numerous diamonds boasting of unbelievable carat values have been purchased and sold everywhere. However, what is rare in the world is a diamond that has history and heritage behind it. In other words, legendary diamonds with a story to tell are much rarer than diamonds that just boast of high carat values. In fact, according to most experts, diamonds with lengthy stories usually do not even come on the market. This trend is about to be bucked with the legendary diamond Beau Sancy about to be auctioned in Geneva. Continue reading »

    Oct 28

    The most recent addition to the world’s extremely rare precious stones is the Cora Sun Drop which was discovered last year i.e. 2010 in South Africa. In fact, the diamond was considered to be so rare that many experts believed that it cannot be valued. However, the diamond that has made many women swoon and many men envious is now all set to be put on auction and is expected to pull in a whopping 10 million pounds. Continue reading »

    Feb 14

    1134743_gemsWho would have though that white diamonds would become passé so rapidly.  The newest trend has surely shifted into high speed for colored diamonds, to be more specific – think pink.

    Diamonds come in a large variety of colors, virtually every color of the rainbow, even steel gray.  Diamonds with intense colors are dramatically more valuable, but out of all colored diamonds, the red ones are the most rare.  Generally pink diamonds are from the Argyle mine in the far north of Western Australia with the mine producing about 90% of the worlds supply.  Those are so rare most people will never see one.  These gems are around 20 times more expensive than the traditional white sibling.  Pink Diamonds are also mined in India, Brazil and Africa, but those are not as intense in color.
    Continue reading »