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    Oct 01

    Stephanie Smith is a writer for the New York Post, but has recently become web-famous as the creator of the blog She has embarked on a culinary quest to make her boyfriend 300 unique and tasty sandwiches, and at the end he will give her the proposal she has been waiting for.

    They’ve always said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Ms. Smith seems to be keenly aware of the truth behind this saying, and it using it to her advantage. Continue reading »

    Jun 11

    engagement_photoTo most people, the engagement ring is the symbol for marriage. Placed on the woman’s finger by her beau after she agrees to marry him is one of the oldest, most traditional customs in our society.

    But where did it come from? Why does only the woman wear a ring? Why is there a traditional finger that it is worn on? And why has the diamond ring become the standard for expressing your commitment?

    Ancient History

    Engagement bands or rings, in one form or another date back as far as ancient Egypt. They were popular in the Roman Empire as well, and would often come with a symbolic wooden key. However, its unclear in these cultures if the ring symbolized love or ownership. Continue reading »

    Jan 29

    Girl holding secretSometimes, there’s no ring and no announcement. Celebrities trying to keep their private lives out of the news may get engaged without a hint of their future plans to wed. It can be a tough secret to keep with paparazzi on the lookout for rings and any other clues that a couple is planning on walking down the aisle. Yet, eventually the news does come out. After all, once you start sending out wedding invitations, it’s likely the secret is out of the bag – ring or no ring. Continue reading »

    Oct 23


    For some country boys out there in North Liberty, Iowa, one enterprising jeweler hopes the answer is a shotgun.  This puts a whole new spin on the meaning of “shotgun wedding” doesn’t it? Continue reading »

    Jul 02

    Photo: Will KingNew ways of proposing, or being proposed to, have always interested humanity possibly because of the emotions and sentiments that it creates. In fact, the reason why men seek out new ways to propose to their beloved is simply that the women appreciate an innovative man who puts some effort into the proposal. One woman who would not doubt the amount of effort her man put into the proposal is Allison Ramsey. Allison Ramsey was given an engagement ring by her beau Nolan James Junior, after the couple in love had run a half marathon together.

    The two, who are both serious runners, ran half of the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. According to Allison Ramsey, she was feeling especially delighted that she had finished the half marathon under two hours but had no idea what was coming after her finish. After she crossed the finish line, she received a pleasant shock from her beau Nolan James Junior who took to his knee and presented her with an engagement ring. Needless to say, after so much effort and toil, she accepted and agreed to be his wife.

    Allison Ramsey later stated that she was “completely shocked” by the proposal. She even specified that she had no idea about the proposal. Nolan James Junior, however, had planned the whole thing weeks in advance. In fact, he had been so thorough that he even let Allison Ramsey’s family know what was coming after the finish line. According to Nolan James Junior, he wanted to do something special that they could remember for the rest of their lives.

    Nolan James Junior revealed that throughout the marathon he was very nervous because he had to carry the engagement ring for 13.1 miles. He said it was “nerve wracking” and checked for the engagement ring in his pocket countless times through the marathon because he was worried that he would drop it. The choice of proposing after the half marathon was made because he said that he met Allison Ramsey while running. Nolan James Junior is 25 years old while Allison Ramsey is five years his senior at 30.

    Jun 25

    Well laid out plans going wrong is nothing new in this world. In fact, the whole concept of Murphy’s Law is based around errors creeping in at the worst possible moments. Scientists experience this in their labs and common men experience it in their daily lives just when they are about to do something important. Murphy’s Law recently struck a brain surgeon from Florida who just wanted to give his beloved an engagement ring and propose in an innovative manner. Continue reading »

    Jun 18

    In a world saturated with ideals perpetuated by romantic comedies and love stories, many men become overwhelmed by the pressure of coming up with an idea for the actual proposal. Should it be quiet and sweet or should it be plastered across the sky? Really, the only right answer is what will be meaningful to you and your lucky lady. After all, you are proposing that you spend the rest of your lives together. Continue reading »

    Nov 02
    The Regent's Canal in London (United Kingdom)....

    While only a decade or two ago engagement rings were seen as symbols of commitment and love, the modern day engagement rings are, unfortunately, nothing but tokens of status and a way to show people how much money one or one’s husband has. However, there are still some aspects of the human spirit that value the engagement ring as a representation of true love as was seen near the Islington Boat Club in London recently.

    The story begins with a nursery worker, Amanda Little, losing her engagement ring in Regent’s Canal, which is located near Graham Street in London. As is obvious, the reaction from Little, who is due to marry Alex Olfield in 2014, was one of despair. As explained by Little herself, she dreaded telling her fiancé that she had dropped the symbol of love from her beloved. Even though Little wanted to dive in and get the engagement ring, she forced herself to give it up and go home. However, through throes of weeping and crying, Alex managed to figure out what had happened and appeased his beloved fiancé.

    After giving all the reassurances, Alex realized that the ring could be found with the right kind of help. Consequently, he had the presence of mind to ask for help from the local dive centre, Big Squid. This is where the heart of humanity came to the fore because two volunteers from the dive centre stood up to be counted, namely Gary Lee and John McEvoy, 46 and 43 respectively.

    Needless to say, after struggling with cold water, a lot of mud and the dirty smell of the canal, the pair was able to find the ring under a paving slab. Lee, when asked about the whole incident, described the intervention as a ‘mission of mercy’ and stated that they felt compelled to volunteer simply because of the state of distress of the bride to be. Moreover, both the volunteers put their own plans for the evening on hold to help the couple find their symbol of love and devotion.

    The ring that Little lost in the canal was worth around 1,500 pounds which shows that the whole rescue mission for the damsel in distress was not about the monetary value of the engagement ring but its value in terms of emotion and commitment. Even so, the engagement ring is an 1.8 carat, princess cut diamond and white gold ring.

    The unfortunate situation and all the well-meaning players in it combine to show the kind of importance that people used to have for engagement rings in the past. The emotions that sustain true relationships is still alive and kicking, regardless of what many naysayers may say.

    Nov 21

    592353_wedding_ringsPicking out the perfect genuine diamond engagement ring takes time and a lot of thought.  And sometimes you need the input of the lady that will be wearing it.  That was the case with movie star Johnny Knoxville.  He had some help picking out the perfect engagement ring to give to his girlfriend Naomi Nelson – from her.  Since there is usually no way to return an engagement ring that your girlfriend doesn’t like, getting some help may be the best way to go.

    In Johnny Knoxville’s case, Naomi helped him out by scoping out a unique and personal piece of jewelry that she knew she would like and be proud to wear.  She started shopping for this piece about three weeks prior to her marriage to Johnny.  The genuine diamond ring she chose was a beautiful open-work designed piece from between 1910 and 1915.  She felt an immediate connection to the ring.  It is more ornate than most and not considered your average engagement ring.  She didn’t care.  This was the ring she wanted.
    Continue reading »

    Jan 02

    Every man looks for a unique way to propose marriage. While many men stick to the ever so traditional standby, getting down on one knee and opening the jewelry box, others are utilizing technology to get their message across, as is the case in this heartwarming proposal.

    Claude M. spent hours developing the most perfect iPhone proposal he could. He spent hours producing a video commercial style proposal and then played it for his hopefully soon-to-be fiancé as they were walking through the area where they first met each other back in college. She, of course, said “yes,” and Claude should be applauded for his unique use of technology to create a very unique way to propose.