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    Oct 30

    Zombie Bride. Continue reading »

    May 01
    A rendition of the emblem on the flag of the U...

    A rendition of the emblem on the flag of the U.S. Marine Corps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    There have been many movies made about the extent to which a soldier can love and be loved. As is the case with most works of fiction, these types of stories are also inspired by real life heroes. This was proven recently as a marine soldier returned from his long tour to Afghanistan to get down on one knee and propose to his waiting beloved with an engagement ring. The proposal took place as 31 other soldiers were meeting with their own friends and families in New Haven in Connecticut. Continue reading »

    Apr 25

    It is believed in most cultures that love is all conquering and that it would, sooner or later, win out over any kind of adversity. The beliefs seem to be true in the case of Gregory Todd and Tiffany Baillie. Gregory Todd was stabbed by Tiffany Baillie who was then arrested and put in court, while Gregory Todd had to go through extensive medical convalescence. However, once Gregory Todd had recovered, one of his first acts was to go to court in which the trial for his partner Tiffany Baillie was being held and propose to her by giving her an engagement ring. Continue reading »

    Mar 29
    diamond engagement ring in platinum - Maia Eng...

    (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    There can be nothing more tragic than two people in love not being able to come together because of fate being cruel in one way or another. However, there is nothing more heartwarming and moving than two people in love who have faith in their love. Both these things happen in the world and, in many cases, they happen simultaneously. Continue reading »

    Apr 25

    914288_sundays_crosswordEveryone has his or her idea on what a marriage proposal should be like; just bending the knee and presenting the small box containing the engagement ring is so vanilla. Eight-five percent of women polled were disappointed in the way they received their proposal.  Everyone agrees, however, that the proposal should be romantic and cleverly put together. It should also contain the three major elements, those being the setting, the question and needless to say, the ring.

    The young man in Virginia, Corey Newman, had a somewhat unusual idea on how to get his message across to his sweetheart.  The lady of his heart loved spending a part of her afternoons crossword puzzling. This is what prompted him to come up with the original idea and perfect way to ask for her hand.  The 28 year old decided to contact the local newspaper, the Washington Post, and managed to persuade his idea to the newspaper.  The editors took note and got him in touch with their crossword writer.  Together they came up with a cool and original crossword puzzle.
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    Jan 16

    684789_the_brooklyn_bridge_2Proposals are meant to be unexpected, but when people lose their engagement rings in exotic locales they have to call in the cavalry. That’s what happened to Trey Turner as he stood on the Brooklyn Bridge getting ready to propose to his sweetheart, Kelsey Kramer. He took out the ring and before he could utter the words, his trembling fingers lost their grip on the ring and down it went beneath the walkway where they stood. In disbelief, but soldiering on, Trey proposed and Kelsey accepted, except that there was still a little matter of a lost engagement ring.
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    Jan 09

    1134419_womanIn terms of popular social perception, there is a certain discrepancy between a working woman and a working mother or wife. This discrepancy exists regardless of which country is being analyzed. The source of this discrepancy lies at the bottom of the questions, ‘what is the natural role for a woman’ and ‘what kind of impacts does engagement rings and baby bumps have on women’s career prospects?’

    These two questions have come to the limelight especially due to the recent survey done by Forbes Woman in collaboration with and The purpose behind the survey was to determine the effects of the clash between a professional woman who has to deal with work related things such as deadlines, conferences, clients etc and the old school woman who worries about her wedding, her children and her husband.
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    Jan 02

    1171698_loveProposing to the woman you love can be a momentous occasion in both of your lives. As you begin to grow closer, you will start to feel the need to spend the rest of your life with the person you love and give her that diamond engagement ring she wants. Although not all couples end up getting married, the ones who become so ingrained in each other’s lives often do. The process of discovering that you want to be together forever is one that is exciting and can bring you to the realization that love does exist and that you cannot imagine yourself living without her. This time in your life, you want to impress your future wife by making her feel as though she is the most important person in your life. To propose in a special way may not be for everyone, but many feel that this exciting day should be outstanding and leave a strong and lasting impression on her, one that she will always remember and truly appreciate.
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    Dec 22

    1120381_romantiqueWhen two people come together in holy matrimony there is a certain harmony, a certain completion to life, and time seems to stand still, at least for the couple. Marriage, which is considered to be an act of biblical proportions, is preceded by the act of proposal. Now, if marriage is supposed to be the final act of completion and satisfaction, then the proposal is a preparation for it. This is why a man who truly loves his woman is almost always extremely jittery about proposing to his beloved. From the point of taking the decision to pop the question, through the browsing of multiple engagement rings, till the actual bending on one knee, the man has his heart in his throat because a simple two letter word i.e. ‘no’ can be disastrous for him.
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    Dec 13

    969631_magicians_hatYou don’t have to present your loved one with a hearts and arrows diamond engagement ring at the top of a pyramid to pull off a magical proposal. If you or a buddy have a bit of magical skills, you can create an atmosphere of fun and surprise, just like one man did at a street magic fair. By enlisting the help of a street magic performer, he set up the proposal so that it at first appeared to be nothing more than a casual ball in a cup trick. After a few tries at spotting whether the ball was in the cup or the magician’s pocket, it seemed the sleight of hand was easier to follow by getting on the knees to spot the trickery. In actuality, it was just the staging for the proposal and once the ring was revealed the proposal took place in public, and the woman accepted.
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