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    Sep 13

    It’s no secret that body modification is all the rage these days. It seems almost everyone has a tattoo or piercing to show off. But for those brave souls who want the look of a piercing in an unexpected place, a transdermal piercing is an increasingly popular option.

    Be traditional and pierce your ears, or turn some heads with a diamond on your cheek.

    Don’t like rings? You can have a jewel set in the skin between your knuckles, or on the back of your hand.

    It’s not a look suitable for everyone, of course. In fact, it might even make your skin crawl a little bit. But for those who love alternative fashion, or who have a style that breaks free of conformity, transdermal jewelry may be just right for you. Continue reading »

    Aug 06

    800px-Iphone2g3g3gsonIf you have around £13,000 lying around in change and want to indulge in a little mobile shopping or want to impress the love of your life, then you should rush over to buy the limited edition 4G iPhone done over by Stuart Hughes. Master craftsman Stuart Hughes has already blinged several consumer products such as the earlier edition of the iPhone and the iPad, and the latest iPhone 4G too has not been spared from rising up in style and value.
    Along with wife Katherine Hughes, Stuart has been layering and showering desirable products with gold, diamonds, platinum, and other precious stones and metals to turn them into valuable artifacts since 1971. Stuart usually picks up newly launched products that are sure to achieve instant popularity and then skillfully encrusts them with precious stones and metals before proceeding to sell them in limited numbers. The resultant product is totally enveloped in opulent luxury with a price tag that only the top few can afford. For example, one model of Stuart’s Apple Mac laptop is priced at around £220,000.

    However, if your budget is slightly lower and you want a smaller piece of diamond jewelry in your hand that also acts like a mobile phone, a camera and also keeps you connected to the world in exclusive style then head over to Stuart Hughes and place an order for the luxury version of Apple’s iPhone 4G. This particular iPhone already looks quite stylish and is sleek too. However, Stuart and his wife have managed to retain the sleekness of the iPhone while covering its back with solid platinum along with F color hand-fitted diamonds that are inserted into the Apple logo.

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    May 24

    3692526015_390596b87eFashion seems to be heating up as the economy turns the corner. Designs of diamond jewels are nestled in gold settings again, despite the price factor. It could have something to do with the metallic tones showing up in fashion wear too. Out with the bold and back to the ultra feminine. You’ll see ruffles and a variety of chandelier drop earrings. Contrasting colors are showing also with hot yellow sometimes matched up with electric blues. That requires jewelry that can also grab some colorful attention. Denim is always in style, although some years more than others. Just because one wears denim doesn’t mean you can’t wear jewelry, in fact, it’s the best way to add a little class to your spring outfit. Along with the return to the feminine is the idea that less is more. Understated elegance is back and your jewelry should be classy, but not too brassy.

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    May 14

    3171437048_b2265c25cbCelebrities have always influenced fashion, particularly jewelry designs and their wedding jewelry. However, now even fantasy characters can draw fascination from the public that looks to emulate fashion styles they see on the movie screen. In the new trailer for the upcoming movie “Eclipse” the latest in the Twilight series, the engagement ring that Edward gives to Bella is making a big splash both on the screen and off it.

    Bringing Jewelry from Fantasy to Reality

    This engagement ring is special, not just for Twilight fans, but for anyone that loves a good book. The ring has a unique design that’s somewhat gothic, reflecting the nature of the vampire theme in the Twilight saga. In fact, it somewhat resembles a spider’s web. Nothing sparks the imagination than a good read and the duty of bringing out a famous piece of jewelry from a work of fiction into real life is a job that takes great care and inspiration. The final design was a joint venture between Stephenie Meyer and Infinite Jewelry Company. In the book, the original engagement ring is done in yellow gold, so there is one created that matches that description. It will cost approximately $2,000. Fans that want the same ring that Bella got are advised to go for the yellow gold.

    A Ring for Fans

    The engagement ring can be sold in yellow or white gold. There will be two different fashion versions one for under $40 and a much finer version for close to $500. Whichever a fan chooses it is clear that this in not just an engagement ring option. It’s for anyone who loves the Twilight saga series and wants a piece of literary imagination come to life. It can even be bought by single woman and used as a right-hand ring. If chosen as an engagement ring, it does have an extra aura of romance as anyone that’s read the Twilight saga can attest and can enjoy the spurious idea that their romance can be just as real as Edward and Bella’s love.

    May 10

    310006251_8431bf3a8fBored of the plain old princess solitaire? Jazz it up with a criss cross eternity band engagement ring. That’s not the only option out there either. Jewelers have really outdone themselves in the variety of ring designs out there for a new bride-to-be. Multi-stoned settings that allow you to add diamonds or other stones on either side of a central diamond are also fabulous. If you don’t want the eternity band, just use the criss cross in multiple metal colors. The designs out there seem to be limited only by the imagination.

    Criss Cross Designs

    These are very hot, for a number of reason. They can be fat criss cross patterns on the design resembling a knot or several thin bands that criss cross each other in a delicate look that seems almost fairy-like. You can add diamonds to criss cross pattern or use several metal colors. You can add diamonds and criss crosses and it looks like someone gave you a ring with x’s and o’s, a suitable symbol for kisses and hugs.

    Multi-Stoned Settings

    Multiple stones are also a great option when you can’t make up your mind. Maybe you want the traditional diamond, but want your birthstone or your children’s birthstones in the ring. After all, if this is your second time around, then it’s the joining of two families, not just two individuals. Some couples commemorate that by adding multiple stones symbolic of each individual in the family to the ring.

    Eternity Bands

    An eternity band is perfect for the woman that wants diamonds encircling her ring finger. It is definitely a very beautiful sparkler. Eternity rings not only symbolize love, but also commitment and endurance. They’re meant to show that the person is committed to you for an eternity and that their love will last forever. These rings are sometimes reserved for special anniversaries to commemorate the length of a relationship. Although they are equally good if you’re just getting married, as long as the there is a center stone to make it apparent it is an engagement ring.

    May 05

    3526707735_f4583fda9aJewelry and diamonds are very popular amongst many different types of men and women from many different backgrounds. The styles that are popular are seen on celebrities and can often cost more than your average person can afford. There has been a trend where replicas and other similar lower cost designs have become even more popular than the costly originals they mimic. Although in many ways, replicas get flak for being mere rip-offs, they do allow many people to look fashionable and very hip for a fraction of the price. While replicas are available for many of the higher-end fashion designs, it is often one-of-a-kind items that deserve the replica treatment as it would be impossible to own certain pieces of jewelry that are considered historic.

    QVC is a great place to get the latest jewelry designs on sale for much less than you would pay at a retailer at a mall or at a brick and mortar jewelry store. They can bring the latest designs right into your home and they have flexible payment options as well as an inventory that rivals anyone in the business. They have recently teamed up with the Smithsonian to offer consumers replicas of some of the most famous jewelry pieces that are housed in their museums. These replicas will allow you to own the Hope Diamond as well as the famed Marie Antoinette’s earrings. All of the replica pieces will be made with genuine gemstones and will mimic their famous counterparts in all of the possible details.
    QVC will allow its viewers to own a part of history with this collection, keeping the interest and intrigue squarely focused on the originals. How amazing would it be to own a 75-carat replica emerald just like the one found on the belt buckle worn by a Turkish sultan? Well, you can among other designs, so sit back, relax and consider the possibilities.

    Apr 19

    242034928_659512389cJewelry is a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe as it can accentuate an outfit or show others that you have exquisite taste. Men wear rings, watches and necklaces that can make them look classy and add an air of sophistication to many different ensembles including casual wear or formal wear. Women love diamonds and other jewelry and can easily coordinate an outfit around a particular piece. From earrings to necklaces, women have choices that range from very simplistic to extravagant and many jewelry designers have gone to great lengths to separate their designs from others. In many ways, celebrities are the perfect people to design jewelry as they often set the trends and know what is hot in the celebrity circle. Those celebrities that have creative minds are also perfect for designing as they can offer unique ideas in many cases, but it is imperative that they design something that both reflects their culture and experience.

    Padma Lakshmi is one such celebrity that has used her cultural influences and experiences to design a new line of jewelry that best represents her eclectic tastes. Drawing from Indian culture and her love of food as the host of the reality-based cooking show Top Chef, Padma has created an amazing collection of jewelry that combines the beauty of Indian culture with designs that draw from the beauty of seeds. Yes, she sees that beauty in the shapes of various seeds and has incorporated the shapes into some of her designs. As a model, Padma spent many days thinking about what was missing in her jewelry selections and wanted to bring something truly unique to market. In her travels, she has seen many things and has incorporated some of these thoughts into her jewelry designs.

    Not only does she use the influence of her culture, but she also draws from architecture, daily life and even botany to bring something very unique to the table including a necklace that not only accentuates the décolleté, but the back of the neck as well. When someone is exposed to so many different experiences as Padma has, it is easier to draw inspiration for designs and her exposure makes her a great spokesperson for her vision. As both a model and a television host, she can display her new creations for a worldwide audience. Those striking pieces are sure to have a great impact on the public.  Her designs are meant to be cherished and passed on from generation to generation as they are designed in a timeless manner and will never go out of style. As they are modeled after previous elements that have been around for thousands of years, they will never be dated and will remain fashionable for eternity.

    Apr 12


    If this sounds like a solicitation for food sales, you’re wrong! The newest stars of the diamond market are being labeled champagne or chocolate-colored diamonds for their rich yellow to brown tones. In the past, these stones did not appeal to jewelers, but they are about to hit the market in time for a palette of spring colors that was made right for these precious gems.

    Greens, Champagnes, and Browns

    Spring 2010 is celebrating a unique palette that will have people scrambling to get some of these lovely gemstones in their jewelry chest. Add a little violet tones from amethyst, and the look is earthy, but with a promise of good things to come. Since they have not reached the popularity of other fancy-colored diamonds, nor of white diamonds, the champagne diamonds can be bought for a 15 to 25% markdown, compared to other diamonds. That’s because for many years they weren’t even considered for diamond jewelry, high end or not.

    Try Them with Unusual Gold Colors

    The champagnes can work well with rose gold, which has an alloy of copper added to it. You can use them white gold and combine them with semi-precious amethyst and white diamonds for a very modern feel too. The colors have a wide range of depth and make each piece that uses a champagne diamond unique.

    Designers Are Loving Them

    Expect to see far more champagne diamonds on the runways and in shows. Designers love the way they can be used in novel ways to create an entirely new palette. In addition, it’s recognized that they might appeal to cash-strapped consumers a bit more who have struggled through this recession and want some other diamond choices.

    Argyle Has More Brown than Pink

    The new popularity has some diamond mine owners swooning too, especially Argyle. This diamond mind in Australia is best known for the fancy-colored pink diamonds. However, before those were brought to the surface, there was an even larger stash of brown diamonds they worked their way through. The potential to have them used in jewelry, and not just for industrial purposes, will provide a better profitability to the Argyle mine.

    Apr 05

    812116_bridal_bouquet_Diamonds are still the gemstone of choice for weddings, although with this recession, many people are mixing them with fake diamonds, crystals, and pearls to get more bang for their buck.

    Wedding Jewelry

    The trend is to showing more skin, and thus accentuating the baubles worn too. Pins are showing up on wedding dresses too, made from diamonds or rhinestones. Bib necklaces with upswept hairstyles, and gowns that drape off the shoulder, aren’t just showing up on the red carpet, they’re also very popular with brides this year. Hairpins with diamond accents also continue to show up, with tiaras and veils being smaller and shorter, respectively. Don’t forget the diamond engagement rings too, in his and her types.

    Diamonds To Accent the Bouquet

    Something new and interesting is the desire of new brides to spice up the bouquets with beads, gemstone pins, pearls, or rhinestones. The idea is to give a little sparkle and interest to everything, and not just the jewelry pieces chosen for the special occasion.

    Dresses with Rhinestones

    The bling can also be seen on dresses, not just jewelry. More elaborate layering of crystals, beads, and diamond-style accents. The look is completed with jewelry and a sparkling bouquet. Whether the pin is removed before throwing it, is up to the bride to decide.

    Winter Wonderland Themes

    While spring and summer weddings have always been popular, some brides are choosing a winter wonderland theme. This not only gives them a chance to wear faux fur and revel in a more formal affair, but it also works very well with the diamond theme too. What better way to use diamonds than to indicate the beauty of ice and snow? Winter wonderland weddings also have the added appeal that you can book a place in the winter for a wedding much cheaper than doing it in spring or summer.

    Apr 02

    1268429_uk_flagThe UK has been known for a few years now as host to many spectacular jewellery events including the British Silver Week and the London Jewellery Week. Anyone in the fashion or design industry has heard of or attended one or many of these extraordinary events throughout the years. In the past few years, many residents of Britain have had the unique opportunity to experience the many different jewelry design ideas from local and international jewellery designers. With family-orientated jewellery festivities to spectacular grand showcase events, guests of British Silver Week and the London Jewellery Week in the past have been able to view and experience the thrill of new and upcoming jewellery designs in the market today.

    Previously for the past two years, the London Jewellery Week has been known as the Coutts London Jewellery Week due to the interest of this major sponsor. While the event had been quite successful, this year Coutts decided that they were not participating as an active sponsor for the London Jewellery Week, forcing the hand of the organizer The Communication Group to follow suit and withdraw from the upcoming jewellery event as well. With these two major adjustments impacting the forthcoming event, it took some reworking and dedication from many interested parties so that this event would not be cancelled but carried on as usual in 2010. While this year’s festivities may not be as extravagant as previous years, attendees are still assured that it will be a success for those looking to view everything that London has to offer the jewellery industry.

    The British Silver Week is entering its third year in 2010 and continues to be a spectacular event showcasing many well-known silversmiths. Silver continues to be an attractive metal used for many jewellery design ideas, and as with any other precious metal silver can be used for many contemporary works as well as more traditional jewellery designs. Spanning across the UK, beginning on June 7, 2010, well over 100 silversmiths will have the opportunity to exhibit their many works and jewellery design work to the general public. From newly qualified silversmiths right out of Britain’s finest art schools to the magnificent silversmithenameller Fred Rich , attendees of British Silver Week festivities are sure to be pleased.

    With the final dates being released later on this week, British Jewellery Week is sure to find itself with many quality designers who want to showcase their own talents and jewellery designs to the general public. Since there has been so much positive feedback with other jewellery events from previous years, adding another spectacular jewellery event should not have a negative impact on how the jewellery market progresses even after the current recession that many businesses have felt these past couple years. While nothing is confirmed in regards to setting a final date for British Jewellery Week, the connection to host this upcoming jewellery event after the current running jewellery festivities of British Silver Week and London Jewellery Week can prove a success when partnered with other triumphant jewellery festivities.

    British Jewellery Week is going to be a grand event with the concept of creating an exquisite selection of specific British-based designers and collecting their many individual works for many local and regional retailers around the country. With the option to purchase these British-based jewellery designs, many retailers can use these jewellery designs as part of their very own in-house British-based jewellery exhibitions. By exemplifying Britain’s jewellery designers, many retailers and individuals around the country are able to see jewellery and upcoming designs that they may not have otherwise had the chance to see for quite some time on the open market.

    Jewellery as part of everyday fashion continues to become important for many people around the world, including the British market. Men, women and children are great potential customers of a number of jewellery items from local British-based designers. If you are looking to see any new and upcoming jewellery designers or special jewellery designs never before seen, attending the festivities of British Jewellery Week may be a great way for you to explore all of the jewellery designs that are available for purchase. Britain has some of the best new and upcoming designers in the world, so you will want to be sure that you take part in the first annual British Jewellery Week in 2010 if you are in the market for new jewellery items for yourself or someone you love. For more information on the upcoming British Jewellery Week, visit<p>.