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    Oct 11

    Diamonds are among the most rare and valuable objects on Earth. They can only be found in a few select areas on the planet, but the building blocks for diamonds are actually scattered far and wide across the known universe.

    There is a planet-sized diamond that has been named Lucy. Our much beloved black diamonds are created from meteor dust. And now scientists believe that there are actual diamonds on other planets.

    Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus may all be home to diamonds, say two top researchers at the latest conference for the American Astronomical Society, Division of Planetary Sciences.

    Which begs a list of questions – how do they form? Are they like our diamonds? Can one fit into my heirloom ring setting? Continue reading »

    Aug 22

    The ring was just on your hand – it was just there – and now it’s gone. You are calm for a moment, as you look around the ground by your feet, but then the panic starts to set in. Where did it go?

    It has happened to everyone at one time or another. And for some reason it never happens with cheap jewelry you don’t care about – it’s always the good ring, the important ring, or the valuable ring. It’s bad enough if it happens at home, or in the car, but when it happens outside its infinitely worse; it could be just about anywhere.

    That’s what happened recently to Casey Brooks, while on his honeymoon in Atlantic City. Only days into his marriage, and he loses his wedding band. Worst of all, he lost it while taking a swim on the beach. Continue reading »

    Jul 09

    crater_of-diamondTerry Staggs had a remarkable Independence Day this year. He went for a dig at the Crater of Diamonds state park, something he had done many times in the last three decades, but this time he came away with a 2.95-carat diamond.

    Of course, most of the diamonds found by visitors and tourists are nowhere near that size. But where else in the world can someone go to a diamond-producing field and start their own dig?

    Nowhere, that’s where! Continue reading »

    May 28

    The Cannes Film Festival is the most glamorous, star-studded movie event this side of the Oscars. Every year stars, directors, critics, and fans flock to the picturesque French town to get the inside scoop on the year’s biggest movies.

    This year, it seems jewel thieves wanted to get in on the action. In less than a week there have been two robberies where millions of dollars worth of diamonds disappeared. Continue reading »

    May 23

    colorful diamondsThe price of diamonds keeps going up, but this time there’s a special reason for the surge – demand from Chinese buyers has gone through the roof! With any increase in demand comes increased pricing.

    Since 2009, higher quality diamonds have appreciated in value modestly, from 5% to 7%. But the smaller, lower quality, or flawed stones have jumped up 35%.

    As China’s economy booms, and the ranks of the middle class swell to unheard of levels. Chinese consumers are keen to purchase luxury items like diamonds, but they are tending to buy small or flawed stones. And they are buying them in record numbers! Continue reading »

    May 14

    diamond world storeOn February 18, the Brussels airport was the site of one of the most daring and spectacular diamond heists in recent history. With the pitch perfect timing of a Hollywood movie, eight masked men stole $50 million worth of diamonds in three minutes, and then vanished. The boldness of the crime sent waves through the diamond industry.

    This past Tuesday, the law finally caught up with the crooks following a multi-national investigation. Continue reading »

    Apr 30

    champagne glassesAs a child, you might have swallowed things like crayons, toys, coins and other common household items. While these non-edibles are more commonly accidentally swallowed, it’s not everyday someone swallows a diamond. An 80-year-old woman in Tampa was at the Tampa Woman’s Club’s 65th annual charity event when she accidentally swallowed a $5000 1.03-carat diamond that had been donated to help support the cause. Continue reading »

    Apr 25

    Jewelry displayMost jewelry thefts take a few minutes, complete with a mad dash into the store, smashing of cases, and a hasty exit to the doors with the loot. A recent hold-up at a Hannoush jewelry subsidiary took two hours. That gave the thieves plenty of time to grab the best loot, costing the store between $4 and $5 million. Instead of rushing the store, the thieves decided to take the employees hostage to get a free run of the store. Continue reading »

    Apr 23

    Pink DiamondNew York’s Christie’s auction house is literally rocking the gem world this year; they have sold several huge stones for record setting prices, and it’s only April. Their latest sale was a rare pink diamond, called the “Princie Diamond,” that weighs in at 34.65 carats and fetched $39.3 million to an anonymous buyer. While it’s not the largest diamond ever sold, it is the second highest sale price for any gemstone ever sold at auction. The Princie, a 300-year-old diamond, sold for almost twice as much as a 101.73-carat diamond that Christie’s sold earlier this year; that diamond went for a cool $20 million. While not as expensive, the 101.73 carat monster was the largest colorless diamond ever sold at auction. Is this a trend of things to come for Christie’s this year? With such record-shattering gemstones being offered up early in the year, it remains to be seen how the auction house plans to outdo it’s self; but they’ve definitely placed the bar very high. Continue reading »

    Apr 09

    blue diamondIn an effort to create a world-famous diamond brand, Russian diamond company Alrosa is seeking out business partnerships with leading diamond market players. The Russian company hopes to strike deals with everyone from auction houses to diamond merchants.

    Sotheby’s First on List

    When an established name like Sotheby’s agrees to auction your diamonds, it is sure to increase your credibility and name recognition. The elite auction house has not only agreed to market the diamonds, but will also actively promote the Alrosa brand to its clients. Previously, exposure of Alrosa diamonds was limited to specific clients or the Alrosa auction house itself, which is not as well-known as Sotheby’s. An agreement between the Russian diamond giant and Sotheby’s is the first step for Alrosa to gain international recognition, and a steady way to market their diamonds outside of Russia.  In return, Sotheby’s gets to auction off premium Russian diamonds from their new partners, some of which will weigh over 40 carats. The deal is already sealed and a test sale at a Sotheby auction has already taken place and succeeded. The relationship is expected to generate sales in the hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars (USD) on the premium diamond market.

    Other Players Next

    Tiffany’s is another key diamond player that Alrosa has sought to partner with. An agreement, which has already been signed between the two, means that Tiffany will purchase at least 60 million USD of Russian diamonds from Alrosa every year. By partnering with companies that already have a worldwide customer base and strong name recognition, Alrosa can pretty much ride their partners’ coattails to a better brand name as well. Alrosa will continue to look for opportunities to create a stronger brand name while also increasing sales  across the board. Expect to see more of Alrosa diamonds at the auction houses and at diamond retailers in the years to come.

    [Photo Credit: FancyDiamonds]