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    Aug 15

    Elegant. Timeless. Royal. Bold. Inventive. Perfect. These are just a few of the words used to describe one of the most hauntingly beautiful diamonds in the world – the Asscher cut. The Asscher cut is a rounded square, set with large step-cut facets. It is similar to the emerald cut, a lower-quality derivative of the Asscher – the first ever patented signature cut for stones. The large facets of the cut, combined with the high crown and deep pavilion all work together to highlight the luster of the diamond, and to bring out that inner fire that lives within the highest quality gems. With 57 facets, the Asscher was intended to highlight everything most gorgeous about a diamond, and it has remained a unique and greatly desired cut for over a century. Continue reading »

    Aug 08

    Push presents are all the rage.

    They are nothing new here in the States, of course. We all remember Nick Cannon gifting Mariah Carey with a fabulous diamond and sapphire necklace after she gave birth to their twins. And of course recently Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian a bling-ring worth $750,000 while she was still in the hospital.

    But the trend has caught on like wildfire worldwide.

    After Kate Middleton gave birth to the royal prince, her husband Prince William gave her a stuffed teddy bear. The tabloids were wildly speculating if that was really his push present, or if she was getting jewelry, too! (If you’re curious, he also got her a pink diamond.)

    From India to England to the US of A, more and more women are expecting to get a token of affection after having a baby. Continue reading »

    Jul 26

    Once upon a time, a glittering set of gold teeth (also called a grill, or a front) was trendy. What better way to show the world your style than with a golden smile? Times have changed (a little bit) and trends have evolved (a little bit) and having teeth that are just gold seem a little archaic.

    Diamonds are where it’s at now! Grills are still usually yellow gold, but diamonds have been introduced into the mix to really give that smile some brilliance.

    Kanye West debuted his dazzling diamond grill, but he was hardly the first. Paul Wall is a rapper and jeweler, who not only writes lyrics about diamond grills, but he will supply them, as well. Nelly and T-Pain both have notoriously expensive fronts. And just last week Rhianna joined the club; the “Diamonds” vocalist unleashed a set of chompers that match her biggest hit song.

    And this begs the question – are diamond teeth really worth it? Sure, they look great, and are certainly much easier to carry around than a sign reading “I have more money than I know what to do with,” but what are the pros and cons of a bejeweled grill? Continue reading »

    Nov 09

    The rings that celebrities choose to celebrate their engagement and weddings are typically as individual as the stars in question.  Continue reading »

    Sep 07

    Our three best selling items! Tweet. Pin. Love. Continue reading »

    Jun 11

    Photo by DowntowngalEngagement rings and wedding rings have often been seen to show the kind of tenacious loyalty that people only relate to dogs. There are numerous instances in the history of the world where engagement rings and weddings rings have been lost in unfortunate circumstances, only to come back to the owner through situations that are at best outrageously fortuitous and at worst unbelievably coincidental. The recent example of the special bond that wearers often develop with their rings is seen in the way Den Kirby of Attleboro saw her rings returned to her in miraculous circumstances. Continue reading »

    Apr 26

    By Rubber Dragon

    Bain and Co has made projections with regard to the future prices of diamond jewelry in a report that it created for Antwerp World Diamond Center. According to Bain and Co in the report, the prices of diamond jewelry can be expected to increase significantly in the years to come simply because the global demand for the stones will begin to outstrip the world’s existing supply. Continue reading »

    Apr 23
    Looking northeast across York Avenue and 71st ...

    Looking northeast across York Avenue and 71st Street at Sotheby's at 1334 York Ave on a cloudy midday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    According to reports, Sotheby’s is all set to bring another old and special set of premiere jewelry under the hammer under its Magnificent Jewels Sale in New York. The collection that is expected to go on the block on April 18, 2012 is expected to fetch the New York based auction house something in the range of 2 million American dollars. Continue reading »

    Apr 09
    Shawish Jewellery All Diamond RIng Ad

    Shawish Jewellery All Diamond RIng Ad

    With the way engagement rings are viewed in this world, it is a surprise that this is happening for the first time. In fact, it is downright perplexing how all the love smitten men and women did not think of this earlier. In any case, the world has finally seen its first all diamond engagement ring, thanks to a jewelry company from Sweden. The Swedish company has recently announced that it has managed to make a single piece ring by shaping an enormous rough diamond into the shape of a ring. Continue reading »

    Feb 27
    Poodle looking up

    Image via Wikipedia

    When it comes to diamonds and any other type of bling, people are willing to do anything and go to any lengths to get their hands on some. While most people’s efforts to get such expensive items are normal, regardless of whether they are thieving or working hard, there are certain people who tend to go over the top with their desires for the same. Continue reading »