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    Sep 17

    Antwerp, Belgium is generally regarded as the Diamond Capitol of the World. 84% of the world’s rough diamonds move through the city every year, as well as about $16 billion worth of polished diamonds.

    But now the storied diamond district may be facing some stiff competition from the far-flung city of Gaborone, Botswana.

    De Beers, the largest diamond company in the world, announced plans to move the sales headquarters of its global corporation from London, England to Gaborone. The impact will be huge and immediate, with the diamond trade expected to generate about $6 billion in revenue in its first year. Continue reading »

    Sep 05

    There are 5 steps in transforming a rough diamond into a finished, polished thing of beauty. Gem cutting tools have gotten better, but the core principles for shaping and polishing a diamond have remained unchanged for centuries.

    In Prehistoric times, mankind was learning to make tools out of stone. By using a harder stone, they could modify and shape a weaker stone. By 3000 BC, men were making cynildars out of jade and serpentine. In India, 2300 BC, craftsmen were making beads and spheres out of rubies and sapphires. It wasn’t until around 1380 that the first modern methods of diamond cutting were being practiced in Europe.

    Over the millennia, there have been many advancements in the tools and technology used in lapidary, or gem cutting. But time has proven that technology can only do so much of the work. Lapidary is an art as much as a science — no matter what tools a gem cutter has, it takes years and decades of practical experience to become a master of the craft. Continue reading »

    Jun 06

    diamondThere are songs about gold, songs about jewels, songs about money money money. But the best songs are the ones about diamonds. There is something eternally wonderful about the diamond; its shimmer and sparkle, its clarity, its endurance. Diamonds have inspired people for as long as there have been people; and they’ve inspired some great music, too.

    Diamonds by Rhianna


    Just after this song was released, the Billboard music charts changed their criteria, and started factoring digital downloads and streaming data into the sales numbers. This caused Diamonds to jump from #66 on the chart to #1. Continue reading »

    Apr 18

    yellow brick roadDorothy may have made her way to the Emerald City on a gold brick road, but many diamond sellers have been hoping and expecting the road to riches lay on a diamond BRIC. BRIC, or the four emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), are set to unleash millions of new consumers into the luxury diamond market. For two of those economies (China and India) the predictions held true, but Russia and Brazil still have a ways to go to show promising growth in sales in their respective countries. In one case, it appears Russian sales within the country are not as important as sales outside the country as Russian diamond merchants begin to enter their offerings on a global market via famous auction houses. However, both Brazil and Russia lag behind in sales even as their consumers engage economies that get more robust every year. The difference for that may not be in the number of new consumers able to make diamond purchases, but the cultural differences in each of these four BRIC countries. Continue reading »

    May 07

    Photo by SwamibuDiamdel, a company that is a part of the De Beers Group, has reported increased levels of demand for diamonds in the world, as per the numbers recorded by its diamond auctions held in March. In the company’s March auctions, it reported that it sold out 520 lots from the total of 580 lots that went under the hammer. Continue reading »

    Apr 27
    SUN VALLEY, ID - JULY 06: Henry Kravis (L) and...

    (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

    The diamond assets of Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton have been drawing a lot of interest since the time the two companies announced that they are reviewing their respective diamond businesses with an eye on offloading them. Continue reading »

    Apr 16
    Diavik Diamond Mine Français : Mine de diamant...

    (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    It is a well known fact in the global diamond industry that Rio Tinto’s Diavik Diamond Mine is on the block. However, for the first, analyst’s projections that Harry Winston the luxury jeweler giant would be interested in acquiring the Diavik Diamond Mine has finally been confirmed by Harry Winston, albeit tentatively. Continue reading »

    Apr 12
    The open pit of the Argyle Diamond Mine near K...

    The open pit of the Argyle Diamond Mine near Kununurra, Australia. This is the biggest diamond mine in the world; the dump truck in the foreground is four stories tall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    The recent downturn in the near term prospects of the global diamond industry is about to result in another major global diamond mining giant pulling out of the industry. Rio Tinto recently announced that it would be reviewing its diamond business and would even consider selling it to good offers. Continue reading »

    Apr 10

    Arrow DownIndia, which is considered to be one of the global leaders when it comes to cutting and polishing of rough diamonds, has seen its exports of polished diamonds fall drastically in the month of February on a year on year basis in terms of both volume and value. Continue reading »

    Apr 06
    Location of Masvingo Province in Zimbabwe

    Location of Masvingo Province in Zimbabwe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Botswana Diamonds, a diamond mining firm from Botswana, has revealed that it has started efforts towards verifying the potential for kimberlites in the Masvingo region of Zimbabwe. According to the African mining firm, it has already begun small bulk sampling procedures to verify if the early signs of there being diamond kimberlites in the Masvingo region are true. Continue reading »