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    Oct 15

    When Pliny the Elder — the famous solider, writer and philosopher of the ancient Roman Empire — wrote “The diamond is the most valuable thing on earth” he did so over 1000 years before diamonds could be cut. He was referring to natural diamonds, which even in their raw, unpolished form were worth a fortune.

    Two millennia later, and Pliny’s words ring as true as they ever have.

    While there is a constant debate raging about the “real” value of diamonds, and how much worth they have as a financial investment, this fact is often overlooked. Before there was De Beers, before there was advertising and marketing, before there was a global market for jewelry, before the technology to cut and craft stones even existed, diamonds were extremely valuable.

    For as long as humans have known about diamonds, they have craved diamonds. Today’s market, in which rare colored gems go for tens of millions of dollars at auctions, is not much different than any other time in the past.

    Diamonds have always been seen as a great investment. Continue reading »

    Sep 26

    From Shakespeare to Mark Twain, from Emily Dickinson to Rhianna, poets and writers have always been captivated by diamonds. In turn diamonds have been captured in stanza and verse since words were first put to paper.

    As a gem, a diamond is understood to be timeless and perfect. But as a metaphor, diamonds are even more valuable.

    Diamonds are tough, yet beautiful. They looks so delicate, yet are the hardest natural substance on earth. The way the facets catch and reflect light is unlike anything else.

    In poetry, literature, and music, diamonds can mean many things. They stand for wealth. They stand for perfection. They stand for beauty, desire, and accomplishment. No wonder writers are so taken with them! Continue reading »

    Sep 20

    As you already know, diamonds and cubic zirconia look similar, but have a lot of differences. Diamonds are naturally occurring, and zirconia stones are man-made creations grown in a lab. Diamonds can be pricey, and zirconia can be ridiculously cheap.

    Both can be breathtakingly beautiful, can come in a variety of colors and are used in jewelry all over the world. And visually, its almost impossible to tell the difference between a diamond and a cubic zirconia without using one of these insider tricks.

    So what are the actual differences between the two? Why are diamonds so valuable when zirconia, which looks so similar, is virtually valueless? Continue reading »

    Sep 12

    Color, Carat, Clarity and Cut. The 4 Cs, as they are called, are the four biggest and most important guidelines for determining the value of a diamond.

    But they aren’t the only guidelines. The 4 Cs are basic gemological knowledge, and everyone should educate themselves about them. But when you are ready to leave Basic Diamonds 101 behind and graduate to Advanced, it’s time to learn about a few other attributes that give diamonds their worth.

    Fire, Brilliance and Scintillation. You might not know those words in regard to diamonds, but they are very important to craftsmen, appraisers and diamond experts. Continue reading »

    Aug 01
    GREEN: True Diamond. YELLOW: Synthetic Stone. RED: Metal.

    You have just found the most incredible diamond. After weeks of looking, you have stumbled upon the perfect stone. It’s big, perfectly cut and surprisingly inexpensive. Suspiciously inexpensive, even.

    That’s because you aren’t looking at a true diamond. You have found a gorgeous Moissanite, or possibly a Cubic Zirconia or other synthetic stone.  And there is nothing wrong with either of these… except when they are being presented as a diamond.

    No matter how much they look alike, a Moissanite is not a diamond. Neither is a Cubic Zirconia. But how can you tell one from the other? It’s almost impossible to tell with the naked eye, and unless it is certified, you have to just rely on your trust in the jeweler.

    Or, you can rely on a Diamond Tester. Every good jeweler will have one, if not several, and will use them on every piece of inventory that comes and goes, and every diamond that is touched or handled by a customer. Continue reading »

    Jun 25

    Nothing is harder than a diamond. Everyone knows that. That’s the reason diamond chips are used in construction for digging, drilling, cutting, grinding, and polishing. Diamonds are used to cut other diamonds, and also used to cut tunnels through the earth.

    That’s only the tip of the “ice”berg, though, as scientists, doctors, and technology innovators are constantly finding new ways to use diamonds. The hardest substance on earth is also the most versatile. It has a seemingly boundless number of uses, some of which may surprise you.


    microdermabrasionIf exfoliation isn’t getting the job done on your skin, the next step might be microdermabrasion. That mouthful of a word is a modern, safer version of dermabrasion, which was a much rougher, surgically invasive skin treatment. In microdermabrasion, a wand is used to gently remove layers of skin from a person.

    It’s been around for a while, but the process got a lot easier and more painless when dermatologists started using diamonds on the end of the wand. The hardness of the diamonds makes for a smoother, cleaner performance, helping it “polish” the skin as it removes dead cells. The diamond tip also gives the wand more accuracy.

    Speaker Domes

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that the world’s hardest rock is the best substance for rocking hard. The problem with speakers is that over time they can buckle or warp, which decreases sound quality. But diamonds don’t have that problem: no matter how deep the bass drops, it can’t hurt a diamond. Using a thin diamond film over a speaker dome will give your speakers a long, vibrant life.


    This may sound like something Donald Trump would have on his yacht, but its hardly a luxury item – its an important innovation that has benefitted not only the field of medicine, but physics as well. With their clarity, resistance to heat, and unmatched durability, a thin diamond membrane “window” has been used in everything from lasers and x-ray machines to fusion reactors!

    Heat Sinks

    heat_sinkA heat sink is a component that helps dissipate the heat in a device. You know how hot your laptop gets when you set it on your knees for too long? Without a heat sink, you’d get third degree burns. For a computer, or any high powered electronic device, a heat sink is essential to keep it from literally melting down.

    As it turns out, diamonds are just as amazing for heat conductivity as they are for sound, and they make vastly superior material to use in electronics. Is there anything diamonds can’t make better?


    Gold has been used in dental work for as long as there has been dental work, and in the last few decades having gold teeth for cosmetic purposes has been seen as a status symbol in many countries. It was only a matter of time before someone put diamonds into the mix. And why not? If gold teeth bring status, shouldn’t diamonds bring even more?

    Jewels had already been incorporated into “fronts” or “grills” (which slip on over the front teeth) when superstar rapper Kanye West took it to another level in 2010. He had his lower front teeth removed and replaced entirely with gold and diamonds.


    May 21

    Think you know everything there is to know about diamonds? Bet you don’t! See how you do on answering these ultra-trivial trivia questions. Right or wrong? True or false? Fact or fiction?

    diamond Continue reading »

    May 16

    AprraisalDo you know what your diamond is worth? Not what the retail price was, not what the person at the jewelry store told you, but what its actual value is? It’s important to know, for four possible reasons.

    - You want to buy it

    - You want to sell it

    - You want to insure it

    - You’re just curious

    If you’re not considering selling your diamond, and have never thought about having it insured, then your response is probably “This doesn’t apply to me.” But it so does! Continue reading »

    May 07

    DiamondDiamonds are the hardest substance on Earth, but they still need to be handled delicately, and with great care.  Over time any precious stone can lose its sparkle and become dull or discolored, even a diamond. And while the stone itself won’t break the setting for it might, without constant, loving attention.

    Diamonds are the most dazzling and valuable jewels you can have, so here are a few Dos and Don’ts for treating them like they deserve. Continue reading »

    Mar 16
    Fantasy football flag for celtic teams (Shamro...

    Image via Wikipedia

    There is this particular kind of Irish jewelry that, if shown to a physicist or a mathematician would result in him grinning from cheek to cheek. In fact, it is even possible that if Einstein ever saw the Celtic knot design, he probably realized the true importance of the theory of relativity to man. The Celtic knot is the physical representation of the concepts of infinity and of eternal time. Irish jewelry is full of such symbols and metaphors on the secrets of life and, more importantly, the significance of living. Therefore, when it comes to mysticism and spirituality, very few jewelry styles would ever appeal in the manner in which Irish jewelry would. Continue reading »