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    Oct 08

    In a revealing new Facebook survey from wedding website The Knot, almost half of the respondents said they would not mind paying for half of their own engagement ring. The results are somewhat surprising, and show how more and more people have changed their approach to getting married.

    46% of women said they would contribute, while 54% stuck with the more traditional view that the man should buy the ring.

    Does this signal a decline in the romantic view of the proposal? Or is it a reflection of our modern society, where women work, contribute to household expenses, and are considered equals. Continue reading »

    Oct 03

    An engagement ring is a symbol for love and faithfulness. It is a promise a person makes to their beloved. And while it is an important part of the engagement, it is not the most important part of the process. Some people, due to financial circumstances, are not able to abide the “two month salary” rule for a ring. If a beau doesn’t have enough money, should that mean the couple shouldn’t wed? Of course not. Marriage is about love and devotion, and nothing else matters quite as much.

    That said, the ring does have great value as a symbol. And a great way to show a wife that she is still valued and cherished as much as ever to is give her engagement ring an upgrade.

    Perhaps finances weren’t great when you first started out. But if you’re in a better place now, why not surprise her by taking the ring you could afford, and transforming it into the ring she always wanted. Continue reading »

    Aug 09

    It’s time to pop the question. You know she wants a real diamond – not a moissanite, not a cubic zirconia, but a real diamond. You may think there’s no way to grant her wish aside from taking out a loan or borrowing from relatives.

    Not true at all.

    Admittedly, diamonds are not cheap. The only way to get a cheap diamond is to settle for a fake. For a valuable treasure like a diamond, you’re going to have to pay. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to keep the costs down. In fact, if you educate yourself and now what to look for, you can get a beautiful ring for less than you’d expect. Continue reading »

    Jul 18

    baguette_bandCapture the brilliance of some of the world’s most famous and opulent engagement rings…

    It’s called an Eternity Band for a reason; no matter how much time passes, you can rest assured this ring will always be breathtakingly beautiful. In their short-lived but well-known marriage, Marilyn Monroe wore this incredible baguette cut eternity band, given to her by baseball great Joe Dimaggio as an engagement ring. That was in 1954, but the look is still stunning decades later.

    If the elegant eternity band isn’t quite your style, follow the lead of Jennifer Garner, who stacks several eternity bands for a more modern style. Continue reading »

    Apr 04

    Blue center stone engagement ringEngagement settings are getting their newest upgrade, and by “new” we mean “recycled with a twist”. The newest designs of 2013 are rife with the great appeal of vintage designs and a hint of modern style. Instead of just lacy and ornately decorated, new designs add a little modernity to induce that racy flair. Add a splash of bold color, from black diamonds or colored center stones and you’ve got the new vintage modern ring.

    Loopy Looks That Dazzle

    If you want the strand of diamonds look, you’ll love this year’s eternity rings and fanciful loops. Some loops are twisted together and others criss-cross, but almost all have diamonds studded within a portion of the band. These bands don’t feature just any diamonds, many are set with black diamonds that lace and race around the ring  and add a sparkle of dark drama for people who want something that is both vintage and daring.

    engagement ringRibbons and Things

    While the modern look is the newest trend, designers can’t seem to resist tying those loops into ribbons. If you want a real vintage look, look for a ring with a ribbon design to instantly evoke a feel of yesteryear. If ribbons seem over the top, just opt for multiple bands that feature diamonds and different metals. The possibilities are limitless when you incorporate string designs.

    Bold Accents and Incomplete Loops

    A modern take on a classic generally inspires a design that is a little less ornate with just a hint of vintage. Polishing the loops and ribbons to a high gleam can give them a more futuristic look, and using black diamonds along a ribbon or loop will pull the design into this century. Some loops will not only be enhanced by bold strokes, but can also be split apart to hold a diamond in the gap. With these design elements in mind, it’s easy to bring a little bit of vintage into your bold, modern look.

    Sep 05

    2011 Lotus Exige

    A woman in Long Island, New York who has decided to give it her all in a bid to retrieve her lost engagement ring. As per reports, Annemarie Albate lost her engagement ring at the parking lot of Kmart and has now promised everything from her sportscar, motorcycles and cash to the person who returns her engagement ring to her. Continue reading »

    Apr 05
    A White gold wedding ring and a single diamond...

    (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    It seems the brides and grooms of the United States of America are really rooting for great wedding ceremonies simply because the trends reveal that spending in the country is increasing for wedding ceremonies and falling for engagement rings. Continue reading »

    Mar 22
    An engagement ring.

    An engagement ring. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Recent reports in the media had revealed that an unknown man had filed a lawsuit against his former fiancé in order to get his engagement ring back after the woman called off the wedding. However, only a day after the lawsuit was filed, it has been dropped without any intimation as to any settlement or the reason behind the withdrawal. Continue reading »

    Feb 22
    English: Pizza Hut restauraunt in Athens, Ohio...

    Image via Wikipedia

    While couples have been known to see love in the strangest of things, it has likely never, in the history of mankind, been said that they see love in a pepperoni pizza. However, this is all set to change as Pizza Hut has decided to embrace Cupid’s area of expertise with both hands by providing a special package containing an engagement ring. Continue reading »

    Feb 16

    Diamonds on a Cupcake

    It seems there is a connection between food, engagements and this Valentine’s Day because more and more food related companies are coming out with their own combined packages to help men propose to their women. As is obvious, most of the special engagement Valentine’s Day packages contain an engagement ring. The most recent entry onto the list is a gourmet bakery in Pennsylvania that is offering cup cakes that have an engagement ring on top of them. Continue reading »