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    Mar 19

    The ring is as much of an institution as marriage is itself. Symbolizing, amongst other things, unending love and devotion to each other, the wedding ring has also become a declaration of style and a sort of status symbol. Just because the ring is a tradition, however, does not mean that the ring has to be traditional. If you’ve had a not-so-traditional engagement, and maybe even a not-so-traditional wedding, than a non-traditional wedding band might be right up your alley. Bordering on various levels of eccentrics, there are many alternative wedding bands that might suit your lifestyle.

    Tattoos are forever

    If you’re not scared of a little pain and are looking for a more romantic route, then a tattoo wedding band may be the alternative look for you. After it’s done, wearing a tattoo is more comfortable than wearing an actual ring; plus a tattoo can be custom-designed to include phrases, symbols, or even your beloved’s name. This is certainly an adventurous route, and also a very permanent one since tattoos are forever. Removing a tattoo is definitely not as easy as taking off a ring, so the tattoo route is certainly not for the faint of heart.

    Pierced Through the Heart

    You’ve already been hit by Cupid’s arrow, so why not celebrate your vows with something equally piercing. A pierced wedding band is unique and a little less permanent then a tattoo. Like a traditional ring, you get a metal band with a piercing. if you choose, you can even have a diamond or other precious stone set in the ring. The pierced route certainly symbolizes devotion as well as ring. You never have to worry about losing something that doesn’t just slip off, though you will certainly have to remove it for cleaning.

    Embossed Rings

    Tattoos and piercings are painful, but portraying your love in a unique way doesn’t have to include discomfort. Some of the most recent styles of wedding bands include a protrusion on the inside of the band that will imprint on the wearer’s finger over time. The embossing could be anything from your honey’s initials to your wedding date; whatever you decide, an embossing is much less painful (and less permanent) then a tattoo or a piercing.

    Wedding bands are not a new concept. They have been around in some form or another for centuries; for example the Egyptians and Romans both used them. Wearing a ring doesn’t just show that you’re taken, but also that you and your beloved share something special; whether you have a traditional band or not does not matter.

    Mar 07

    Happily DivorcedFor better, for worse; for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part;  these are promises made by many but kept by few. With 50 percent of first time marriages ending in divorce,  you’re more likely to be left with nothing but a pretty ring to remind you of your ex. Since most people don’t want a secondhand ring with a bad history, what are you supposed to do with your old ring? Continue reading »

    Dec 26

    The most popular and traditional engagement ring is the solitaire princess cut diamond ring. However, celebrities who like to create their own rings and express their unique styles often choose a different design. While the average fan can’t emulate the mega-rock whoppers that celebrities currently prefer, it’s not that hard to at least knock-off the style. Here are a few unusual engagement celebrity ring choices that might help give you hints on how to design your own engagement ring, too. Continue reading »

    Aug 20

    Wedding_rings_2Jewelry designers have thought up something new: the divorce ring. It’s similar to an engagement ring in that it is celebrating a big life-changing occasion, even if that occasion is the break-up of a marriage. The idea behind the divorce ring appeals to many different types of people who want to have some way to tell others they are now divorced, or simply to mark the event in their own lives. Jewelry has traditionally been a way to mark big events, from graduations to weddings, so it’s not that far-fetched to include divorces. With about half the U.S. population experiencing a divorce at some point in their lives, this piece of statement jewelry should only become more and more popular with as time goes on.

    Continue reading »

    Mar 12


    While there’s less in the showcase, as jewelers pull back on inventory, it still doesn’t mean you can’t find a few pieces that embrace who you are. In fact, as this recession ends and more people get a second wind, creativity is in the air, and that also goes for your choices in style. It’s okay to be original, and what better way than through your own unique style? Do it with fashion and alternative jewelry choices that are all your own.

    Take a Cue from the Harajuku Girls

    If you’ve never heard of Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan, the creativity and style will amaze you. Teenage girls there are not afraid to express their individuality, with some borrowing ideas from the popular anime culture and others from gothic culture. The styles are colorful and as with the decora style, can rely on layering of both clothing and jewelry. While a decora girl will rely on plastic jewelry, the layered look is something that is very hot, even for those that want to have a little fun being original without the plastic. In addition, the decora style rely on charms that might have a child-like quality like Hello Kitty to complete the look.

    Layered Necklaces and Bracelets

    Why not reach into your jewelry box and see which necklaces and bracelets can be layered to form a whole new look? It’s not about what works well together, but what expresses a certain mood or look when layered. It’s about creating an entire new theme by adding disparate elements that when brought together evoke something completely new and fascinating.

    Recycle and Recombine Jewelry

    You can pull apart jewelry elements and add them to others. You can even hire a jeweler who will take a few separate pieces and make an entirely new one from it. There’s no set rule that just because your pearl strands always hung around your neck, that they now can’t be used as multi-layered bracelet. It’s up to you to decide how you want the final look to come about. You can pull stones out of old rings and put them into bracelets, pins, or pendants. You can even sell the gold in the fixture to finance any new designs you want to create with your jeweler.


    Charms are a real good way to add individuality to your look. You can buy charms that means something special to you, identify you in some way, or just plain add to the over all picture. For instance, if you are a loving person, there’s no reason you can’t layer heart necklaces and add multiple different heart charms to your bracelets. The look says something about who you are, but also can be stylish and layered. In fact, if you get tired of layering charms, you can always go back to a single charm on a pendant or bracelet. However, the more you pull things out of your treasure box and combine them together, the more you will start to visualize and enact your own personal style that’s as familiar to you as a warm hug.

    Oct 05

    tungstenring.jpgIn recent months, many states have passed groundbreaking laws allowing same sex marriage. These laws have allowed many people the chance to make their relationships official and even to obtain tax and health benefits that states allow to other couples. With these changes, a segment of the population that was largely excluded from the wedding community has a chance to make their love official, and with these ceremonies come a host of remarkable alternative wedding bands.

    Continue reading »

    Aug 04

    untitled-110.jpgWhen shopping for jewelry before a marriage proposal, it is common to shop for an engagement ring.  Whether adorned with diamonds, covered in gemstones, or a simple metal band, the ring is the most popular way for people to symbolize that they are engaged to be married.  For people who prefer not to wear rings, or who are unable to, there are alternatives to engagement ring choices that abound in every jewelry store.  From bracelets and earrings to pendants and more, alternative engagement jewelry is becoming increasingly common, and can be a stunning alternative. Continue reading »

    Sep 10

    white-gold-sapphire-ring.jpgIn the past, the traditional diamond ring was a diamond stone set onto a silver, gold, or platinum band. Then, the trend switched to a mix of solitaire diamonds and multiple diamonds on a band. However, in more recent times, a diamond band has because the ring of choice for engagements, weddings, and anniversaries. Symbolic of eternal love, these rings are a circle of diamonds. Although most rings offer round cut diamonds, which provide the most shine, others offer square cut diamonds, which are equally as beautiful. Continue reading »

    May 29

    Diamond rings are frequently associated with engagement rings and wedding rings; however, there is no denying the fact that in some cases, marriages simply do not last forever. This leaves the question of what a woman should do with a ring, or rings, once the relationship has ended and furthermore, what she should do with that bare ring finger once she slips off her engagement ring or wedding set. Continue reading »

    Jan 23

    claddagh.jpgEngagement rings are romantic enough, but the Claddagh ring is even more so. If you are Irish and seeking to design your own engagement ring, this is one symbol that speaks volumes about true love. This Irish symbol of love and faithfulness has a rich history behind it. It starts with a fisherman who was kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery before he could marry his true love that remained behind in the Irish village of Claddagh. The fisherman ended up indentured to a goldsmith who taught him his trade. Thinking every day of the true love he left behind in the village of Claddagh, he decided to make a special ring for her should they ever be united again. He crafted a ring with two hands holding a heart, which had a crown above it. It was meant to represent love and friendship. Continue reading »