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    Jun 13

    untitled-152.jpgWedding season has definitely arrived and if you need any further proof you need only to look to the red carpet to see the number of stars sporting diamond engagement rings. Considering the wide range of styles that are being given as engagement rings this year, many stars’ rings are certain to prove to be inspiration for a number of different styles. Scarlett Johansson recently became engaged and is now wearing a very traditional and classic engagement ring on her left hand. The engagement ring features a large diamond set on a classic gold band. Compared to many modern engagement ring styles, this ring speaks of timeless class and simplicity, although it is virtually certain that the price of the ring was anything but simple.

    Some celebrities, however, have definitely made the decision to go as far away from traditional as possible when donning engagement rings this spring. Carmen Electra is one such example. Carmen’s ring features a black diamond encircled by white diamonds. Carmen has been quoted as saying that the engagement ring in question is different, which perfectly suits the style of her and her fiancĂ©, Rob Patterson. Carmen is certainly no stranger to marriage. This will be her third marriage, and it is fairly safe to say that the black diamond engagement ring is certainly the most unique of the three engagement rings she has donned to date. The black diamond is expected to weigh between 1.5 and 2 carats and is set on a platinum band that is inset with smaller white diamonds. The cost of the ring is speculated to be somewhere in the $100,000 range.

    So, will black come to be the new white when it comes to engagement rings? Only time will tell, but it would certainly not be the first time for consumers to take their cues from celebrities when it comes to choosing engagement rings. Although Jennifer Lopez is now married to Marc Anthony and settled into happy family life with newborn twins and Ben Affleck is enjoying family life with wife Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet, there was a time when the pink diamond solitaire engagement ring JLo wore fueled a new trend. The ring in question featured a carefully shaped 6 carat pink diamond set on a platinum band. The pink diamond was flanked by three baguette white diamonds. The original ring was speculated to be worth some $1.2 million when it was purchased in 2002.

    untitled-127.jpgJLo was not the only star to set the trend for diamond engagement rings. Jewelers have reported they also had numerous requests for engagement rings similar to those worn by stars such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Ashley Jones. In Zeta-Jones’ case, the ring was an antique style featuring a marquise cut diamond of some 10 carats. Judd was also presented with an antique style diamond ring, featuring a pave setting. Madonna‘s Edwardian styled ring has also proven to be popular among consumers who are looking for inspiration in their engagement ring designs.

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