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    Start with a Diamond
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    Sep 29

    untitled-89.jpgWhen you walk into a diamond jewelry store, you are preparing to spend quite a lot of money on a diamond ring, diamond necklace, or beautiful pair of diamond drop earrings. You are looking for substantially sized diamonds that will catch everyone’s eye and make you feel proud every time you see them.Shopping for loose diamonds is the best use of your budget. In diamond jewelry, the stones cost the most money, and having a setting custom-designed just to your specifications makes the piece of diamond jewelry even more special and does not add significantly to your cost. Buying loose diamonds is a great way to spend just the right amount of money for the most exquisite stone.

    But how do you know the diamonds you are looking at are actually genuine diamonds? The fakes look very good, sometimes better than actual diamonds to the untrained eye. You must test the stones you are considering to determine if they are real.

    Flaws and Size

    The tiny flaws that make diamonds so incredibly beautiful mean that light does not pass through a genuine diamond the same way it would through fake stones. Just like looking through a rippling pool of water, things on the other side of the genuine diamond are not clearly defined, although the light still shines through them.

    If you have been shopping for diamonds for longer than five minutes, you know that the bigger the stone, the more likely it is to be fake. When the guy behind the counter pulls out a nice velvet lined tray full of dazzling, sparkling diamonds you would do well to ask if that pile of stones is real – especially if they are very large and still within your reasonable budget.

    Going to a diamond jeweler you trust is the first step to finding the ideal loose diamonds. If you feel like you can’t trust your diamond jeweler, you should probably find a different jeweler! However, in the real world, “buyer beware” is the first rule of spending money, so testing the loose diamonds yourself is even better than trusting the word of someone you just met.

    Arm yourself with a little knowledge and a small piece of newspaper before you go to the diamond jewelry store. The diamond newspaper test is the easiest and quickest method to check if a loose diamond is real or fake.

    The Newspaper Test

    To do the diamond newspaper test, bring along a small sheet of newspaper when you go shopping. Lay the newspaper down on a flat surface, preferably a solid, dark colored table rather than a clear glass counter.

    Make sure the light in the room is bright and coming from above your head, so the stone you are testing or other objects in the room do not cast a shadow that might throw off the results of your diamond newspaper test. The light should not be coming from directly behind you, either, because if it does, your own head will cause an eclipse!

    Handle the stone carefully, and try not to smudge it with your fingerprints or any other kind of dirt. Turn it upside down so the flat face is toward the table and the point is facing up. Lay the stone on a column of letters which you would normally find fairly easy to read, but not too large or too small.

    If you can read the letters under the stone easily, you definitely have a fake on your hands. With the real thing, the light will shine through the stone but since it is refracted by the internal quality of the stone it won’t reach the newsprint underneath the loose diamond in a straight line. Even if the newspaper letters are smudged and distorted, but you can still read them, you have a fake.

    If you can’t make out the letters under the stone because the light coming through the stone is refracted so much they are impossible to read, you can start celebrating! You hold in your hands a genuine, real diamond.

    The results of your diamond newspaper test may be inconclusive if you are testing a loose diamond that has been cut too shallow. The diamond may still be real, so use your judgment and proceed to another quick test if you are not sure of the results of the diamond newspaper test.

    If the stone happens to be in a setting, the diamond newspaper test will not work so well. The fog test is a good choice in this situation. The diamond newspaper test is only one of many tests you are able to perform on loose diamonds to determine if they are real or fake. You do not need special equipment – just a little knowledge and know how to protect your money and make just the right investment in fabulous diamonds.

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